10 fruits and vegetables that grow better in greenhouses

The fruits and vegetables you just picked from your garden are not only much more beneficial to your health than those purchased from the store, but also much better for our planet! However, with the change of seasons, growing vegetables all year round is not always easy. This is where greenhouse cultivation comes in! There are indeed many benefits to growing fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse, including the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables almost year-round.

But how do you know which ones to prioritize? We are going to explain this to you by giving an overview of the plants that you can grow in the greenhouse without any problems. Not sure how to choose your greenhouse? Here is an article that should help you.

1 – Tomato

Tomatoes are the fruits of par excellence in the greenhouse to produce beautiful, very red and tasty tomatoes. In the greenhouse they can be sown from February and planted from April.

© Justus-Menke – Unsplash

2 – Eggplant

Eggplants are sown from late February to early April and need temperatures above 20 degrees to germinate. The first sowing can therefore be done in your home or in a heated mini-greenhouse. When the temperatures are mild, they can be done directly in the greenhouse.

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3 – pepper

Like eggplants, peppers are sown from February to April. Preferably sown indoors or in a mini-greenhouse. Then move to vegetable land or below greenhouse tunnel in May

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4 – Melons

You can sow in late February, but well protected and warm. Keep the plants covered until May before planting them in the greenhouse.

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5 – Cucumber

Throat sowing takes place from the beginning of March to the end of April between 18-20 ° C. Then wait until the end of April in the hottest areas and until the end of May in the coldest areas before planting.

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