19 Mini home production business ideas in 2022

Business ideas for home production are issues that concern many men and women. Today we will talk about new profitable ideas. They can be launched with minimal investment or no money at all in 2022.

Tailoring of interior toys

They will not go out of style. These toys can be purchased as gifts for both children and adults. Popular is the famous “Melissa and Doug”, a large giraffe from America. It decorates children’s bedrooms at 140 cm. It’s a popular gift for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries as well as the start of the new year. Large toys are beautiful, fashionable, and have a twist.

For the interior, you can create large and beautiful toys. You can choose any theme: big or small animals, cartoon characters and TV shows.

A minimum investment of 500 dollars is required to start a business. You will need materials, and cutting and sewing tools to get started.

One toy costs approximately 200 dollar. It is possible to sell it starting at 2000 dollar.

The giraffe, as we mentioned at the beginning, is priced at 1,300 dollars. It sells quickly and is usually gone within hours. Your toys might also be highly sought-after. You can organize production at home.

Instagram is a great way to attract customers. It works well with bright photos and videos about toys, a beautifully designed storefront, and bright photos.

Production color paste

Statistics show that the average Russian eats 6kg of pasta each year. Many times, natural tasty pasta is not available in all shops. High-quality homemade pasta is in high demand.

You can add color to your paste. Multi-colored paste can be made in one package, so you’ll have plenty of customers.

You will need to invest between 500 and 600 dollars to purchase a pasta-making machine. Instructions provide detailed information about the manufacturing process. You can purchase a machine with a higher level of performance for as little as a thousand dollars.

You can order ready-made pasta from your local grocery store, supermarket, shop, or home food shop.

Making homemade Hong Kong waffles

In 2020, Hong Kong waffles will be a popular dessert novelty. These are very popular among children and teens, as well as young people. The final product is soft and has a bubble structure. The dough is wrapped in a wrap and different fillings are added to it – sweet or salty.

There are many types of waffle dough: chocolate, vanilla, cheese, and others.

You will need equipment to start a mini-production. A baking machine, molds, mixer, and cremer are needed $ 500.

You can sell finished products to restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food outlets. Many coffee shops will be happy to offer unusual desserts as a way to expand their menu. You can buy ready-made waffles for 200 dollars. In this instance, the profit will be 30%.

Exclusive oil press (oil press)

While it’s not surprising that people are familiar with regular sunflower oil, the production of an exclusively formulated form of oil could be a great way to start a business.

You can make olive oil and peanut oil as well as coconut oil, peanut oil and cumin oil. These products can be used for cosmetology and to ensure proper nutrition. You will need an oil press to do this.

A Chinese oil press worth $500 can be used to start a mini-production at home. This oil press can produce 1500 watts. Processing 5kg of raw material per hour With a 4-5 hour workload, you can produce up to 20-30 liters oil per day.

The finished product can be sold to supermarkets, shops and other points of nutrition. Earn oil per month for 500 dollars

Building cardboard coloring houses for kids

Every child dreams about building their very own house, and then painting it. This idea is fundamental. You can make large houses from thick cardboard according to a template. For further decoration, the house can be painted and decorated with decorative elements.

There are many templates available online for designing your house. You don’t need to invest much in production. A cutter and a few construction tools are all you need to make thick cardboard.

One such house can be sold for 4500-5000 dollar . Earnings per month will be from 10 thousand dollar. To sell ready-made houses, use advertising through Instagram and social networks.

To do this, you can shoot funny videos of houses and children who play with them. This will attract a lot of people’s attention and, accordingly, customers.

Production of table shelves

Due to the high cost of real estate, many modern families live in small apartments. Especially for such apartments,  transformer furniture was invented. With such furniture, people can live comfortably even in cramped conditions.

For example, a shelf table. Just imagine, with one movement of the hand, the shelf turns into a comfortable table. Behind him, you can work, meet guests, and deal with children.

In its normal state, the furniture consists of several shelves located one above the other. If guests come to you or you want to work, the shelves become a tabletop. They are designed in such a way that when unfolded they turn into a very comfortable table.

You can make good money on this business idea because you are unlikely to have competitors. All you need to get started is high-quality materials and a set of tools.

Business can be organized even in the garage. Investments will be required up to 5 thousand dollar.  Look for your first customers among your acquaintances, in furniture stores, home goods, as well as in online furniture stores.

Wood products

If you are asked what can be made from wood, you will immediately have many options. Interior items, souvenirs, toys for children, figurines, various coasters, furniture, lamps, and many, many different designer things. People really like it.

The benefits of this business are many:

  • Relatively small investment;
  • Low cost of production;
  • High cost of finished products;
  • Eco-friendly material, etc.

You can start machine-tool production, then it will take about 30,000 dollar to start. (For the purchase of a machine, materials, and tools).

If you prefer to make products with your own hands, then the costs will be only 15 thousand dollar . Again, a business can be run in a small room – a garage or a home workshop.

Finished products will cost from 100-150 dollars to 2,000 dollars. The profit, in this case, will be 400-500%.

Toilet paper for children

There are many types of toilet paper on the market in different price categories. But I have never seen toilet paper for children. But with this idea, you can make good money. It is enough to diversify the assortment of toilet paper with children’s designs, colorful pictures, and favorite cartoon characters.

To start a business, you need a spacious room with running water and electricity. Equipment costs will amount to about 5 thousand dollars. You will also need to purchase raw materials for paper.  

In general, the costs of doing business are considerable. But from one roll in wholesale you can earn 3.5-4 dollars. When selling at retail – up to 2 dollars. Your business will pay off in about 6-8 months.

It is also worth considering that in order to start a business, you will need to obtain permission from the SES and the fire service.

You can sell the finished product through children’s goods stores, supermarkets, and other stores.

Natural moss rugs

Natural moss bathroom rugs have a lot of advantages. They are good for human health, soft, and pleasant to the touch. Every time you step on them, you will get great pleasure. Moreover, they fill the room with oxygen and decorate the interior.

Such rugs can be made at home with little or no investment . Especially if your area has a lot of natural moss. If you do not want to collect moss yourself, you can buy it. It is sold at very modest prices.

For making, you only need moss, a foam rug, scissors, and stationery. You can see in detail the various ways to make rugs on YouTube.

The finished product can be sold for 100 dollars. Just remember to give instructions to your customers when selling. The manual includes recommendations for care and watering. You can make up to 5-7 rugs on your own per day. You can sell moss rugs to your friends, and acquaintances, and also via the Internet.

You can make a one-page site for your product with various options for rugs and run ads on it. The competition for such a product is still minimal.

Production of huge sushi

Ordinary sushi no longer surprises anyone. You can buy them on almost every corner. But the sale of huge sushi with delicious toppings can attract a lot of attention and great demand.

Huge sushi is made according to the usual technology, the only difference is the size. A person will be able to get enough by eating only 2-3 pieces of such rolls.

You can open production in your kitchen. Purchase a sushi-making kit and high-quality products. You will have to invest no more than 500 dollars at the start.

You can make ready-made dinners from 2-3 sushi with different fillings. Supply them to supermarkets and convenience stores. To do this, you really have to issue a sanitary book. You can earn from the production of such sushi from 80 thousand per month.

Growing bonsai

Bonsai are dwarf trees, copies of real trees, only in smaller sizes. Many people buy them instead of indoor flowers. Bonsai are able to decorate and diversify any interior. The demand for these miracle plants is growing every year. You can use this business idea and make good money!

It takes several years to grow bonsai, but don’t despair. There are special technologies that accelerate their growth. It is not necessary to grow only bonsai and wait for them to bring money. You can do something else at the same time.

There is a complete guide to growing bonsai on the internet. In general, this is a painstaking process that brings great moral satisfaction, and tangible money in 2-3 years.

To start a business, 100-150 dollar will be enough. Grown trees can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. It is not difficult to sell such products. There are many sources of distribution. Plant shops, the Internet, ads and forums, and in general, customers will find you!

Making detox juices

Various detox programs for weight loss are very popular now. All of these programs recommend daily detox juices without sugar or preservatives. Juices can replace a full snack. Widely used during fasting days. In general, the demand for products is high.

You can start production in a small room, a standard kitchen will suffice. The purchase of equipment and fruit will take 10 thousand dollars.

Fruits are needed only high quality . You will find those at wholesale bases and there you can get a good discount with constant cooperation. Initially, you can do all the work yourself. Squeeze, pack and deliver the finished product to stores.

For advertising, use a website or landing page where you place several types of juice with beautiful photos and descriptions. Cooperation with fitness centers, beauty salons, and health food stores is also suitable.

Manufacture of diapers for poultry

You have probably heard about the American woman who invented diapers for her pet chickens 10 years ago. The idea came to the woman unexpectedly and was embodied as a protection of her property from damage. Chickens lived at the woman’s house . As a result, the idea turned into a business and now the woman sews designer bird diapers .

You can repeat this idea, but not for chickens, but for other poultry – parrots, canaries, etc. Many people in our country cannot live without birds, but caring for them requires strength. It is impossible to let them out of the cages at all for obvious reasons. That’s what diapers are for!

150 dollars will be enough to start a business. You will need to advertise your product on Instagram. Shoot interesting funny videos about your pets in diapers. Take a photo. Try to make diapers with an interesting design, because it will attract customers.

Massage bath mats

Now a lot of people are obsessed with their health and are trying to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle in everything . Therefore, massage bath mats will come in handy. A person will step on natural pebbles in the morning and evening. While brushing her teeth, she takes a shower, she washes her face. Pebbles carry a lot of useful energy, which will have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Rugs are easy to make.

To start production you need:

  • pebbles
  • good glue
  • rubber mat from a regular hypermarket
  • glue gun
  • scissors.

That is, you can start with an investment of 200 dollars. Making one rug will not take you much time. After gluing the pebbles, you need the glue to dry well.

You can sell such goods to your acquaintances and friends for 150 dollars. depending on the size of the mat. Many will buy them for their children, elderly parents, and for themselves! It will also be useful to launch ads on Instagram by targeting a female target audience. You can earn from 1,000 dollars.

Opening marshmallow flowers

Chef Dominique Ancel from Tokyo shocked the entire YouTube and Instagram with his invention – “an opening marshmallow flower in coffee.” Now many foreign cafes and restaurants offer their customers such a beautiful dessert.

By the way, you can cook such a flower yourself in your kitchen with just one ingredient. The secret of the magic flower is that its petals are held on a small white chocolate ring. When it melts due to the heat of the hot drink, the flower opens and “blooms”.

You can open a business for the manufacture of such flowers with virtually no investment. All that is required is to buy ready-made marshmallow-like marshmallows in any store. Next, follow the recipe for the formation of flowers.

You can sell such flowers in coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants by negotiating directly with the owners.

Gluten-free bread mini-bakery

Gluten-free bread and other products are one of the fastest-growing categories in the bakery industry today. So, in 2020, the market for gluten-free products has already reached $6.2 billion. Increases by 7% annually. Therefore, the production of gluten-free bread is a great need in our country.

To organize your business, you need equipment: a gas or electric stove, bread molds, dough mixers, baking sheets and other kitchen utensils.

For a mini-factory, it will be enough to buy a dough mixer for 16 liters, it costs about 2 thousand dollars. Investments will be required in total from 3,000 dollars.

You can sell products through health food stores, supermarkets, and online health food stores. The profit from one loaf of bread will be 100%.


We hope you liked these business ideas and found a lot of useful information for yourself. Share your home business ideas, thoughts and thoughts on this topic in the comments.