5 gift ideas from nature

In February, after candlelight, comes Valentine’s Day! Of course, love is celebrated all year round, but we never miss an opportunity to say I love you, do we? And as a gardening enthusiast or just a friend of nature, you need a gift worthy of its name. Here are 5 gift ideas from nature to help you choose.

1) Pink houseplant

Indoor plants have the advantage of being preserved over time. What about showing originality providing a pink houseplant? Dozens of varieties can be found in the garden centers. In addition, there are several shades of pink its pastel fuchsia, which illuminates the interior and stands out from the green plants. Here are some varieties to turn to: Pink Princess philodendron, peacock feather Calathea, triangular oxalis, hoya carnosa “Krimson Queen” or even pink fitton.

philodendron Pink princess
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2) Traditional bouquet

If you want to play it safe, a beautiful bouquet will make your loved one’s eyes shine. The big advantage is that if your other half lives far away from home or if you spend the day at workyou can design a delivery of red roses or in a bouquet of flowers he likes. You can also simply give him a surprise for example, at work.

Valentine's Day Roses: What Flowers Give Their Meaning?
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3) Jar of organic honey

Another gift idea from nature: a delicious jar of organic honey. This is the perfect gift for the most greedy. If you can, refuel a local producer. Choose the fine glass jar you can edit affixing stickers and a nice label with the first name of your other spouse.

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4) A beautiful book on gardening

There are plenty of garden books! Turn a beautiful book that connects beautiful pictures majestic plants. If you like the playful side, there is no shortage of books on gardening tips and tricks. From a broader perspective, a book on the fauna and flora of the area can be a great way to arouse your curiosity and learn more about where you live. On behalf of Plussa gourmantti, a vegetable garden cookbook will satisfy your amateur partner or amateur chef. You will be able to prepare a good seasonal portion for dinner for two.

garden book
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5) Implantable cards

Small bonus: it’s always nice to have a small card with a word of love included with the gift. It makes it smooth more personal. Choose a beautiful card to plant for an extra touch of originality and poetry. These cards are made of biodegradable paper that contains the seeds of flowers or fruits and vegetables. After reading the message, all you have to do is pick a small piece of garden or a flowerpot filled with earth and plant the card there before watering. After a few days you will see flowers or vegetables. More than a romantic attention!

card to plant
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