5 tips for retaining moisture in flower pots and flower boxes

Potted plants, indoors or on the terrace, do not have access to a natural irrigation system. In the garden, the roots of plants can retrieve moisture from deep into the ground and take advantage of rain. In pots, watering is essential, especially during the summer season. But when the number of plants starts to grow, you don’t always have time to spend watering. To avoid repeating this gesture too often, here are 5 tips for keeping moisture in pots and flower boxes.

1) Choose the right jar

The tank is important for moisture retention. Indeed, potted plants are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations than in the soil. Wooden flower boxes known as excellent insulators. Wood is a material that can withstand both heat and frost. Your roots are well protected!

Also consider the size of the pot. It should not be too small to keep the roots narrow. The roots need to grow for the plants to thrive.

Remember that plastic containers also withstand temperature fluctuations and are lighter to carry. They are well suited for balconies.

Wooden geraniums
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2) Old t-shirts

Nothing is lost, everything is recycled! Here’s a good use for your old holey t-shirts. Put your old cotton clothes on the bottom of the pot. They help keep moisture inside longer by keeping it in the fibers. You can use other types of fabrics as long as they are absorbent. The roots then absorb water from the tissues.

3) Avoid evaporation

In summer, the water tends to evaporate and potted plants can suffer. Generally, to avoid this, it is recommended to mulch the bottom of each plant. It is possible to put a little mold in a pot or planter, but it is better to take precautions. It is best to take a cup and fill it with water and clay stones. This prevents the water from evaporating quickly. Of course, your pot needs to be drilled to the bottom.

4) Recycle plastic bottles

If you have a few plastic bottles, don’t throw them in the trash but recycle them! You can make homemade drops. This consists of cutting the bottom of the bottle, drilling a cap with lots of small holes, and pushing the neck into the ground of the pot.

Then all you have to do is pour the water into half a bottle and let the water drain out during the day. This is an ideal technique when you are going on holiday for a few days, for example.

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5) Mushrooms

To keep the plants well moisturized, you can also put mushrooms on the bottom of the pot. The yellow and absorbent side should be placed facing up. Then add your soil and plants, clap by hand and water to level the soil. Prefer natural mushrooms that nourish your soil.