8 Gardening Secrets You Need To Know!

Do you dream of a green thumb? Know that gardening also has its little secrets. Cultivation methods and techniques are certainly not innate. Fortunately, gardening is suitable for all levels. So beginners can start in the garden center with ready-made plants and the more experienced can start over with seedlings. So whether you’re a novice gardener or a soil expert, here are 8 gardening tips and tricks to make your harvest easier.

1) The house gets wet while you are on vacation

You have to go away for a few days, but you haven’t found anyone to water your plants? There is a “homemade irrigation system” that can be made from ribbons or cotton yarns. Just place one end in a container filled with water and the other end would grow in pot. Irrigate your soil with this homemade drip system.

2) Coffee filter at the bottom of the pot

Placing the coffee filter at the bottom of the pot allows the soil to stay in place without clogging the drain holes!

3) Citrus fruit against cats

Will your cat or those in the neighborhood rob your vegetable garden? Scare them away by placing citrus peels (orange, grapefruit, lemon) all around the crops. Cats have a delicate sense of smell and do not like the smell of citrus fruits.

cat garden vegetables
Authors: PhotoIris2021 / iStock

4) Make room

If you are running out of space for your beautiful green plants, create a vertical garden with shoe storage! Put potting soil and a sturdy plant in each pocket.

5) Natural snail repellent

Snails attack the vegetable garden on rainy days. To avoid this, crush the eggshells and spread them on your plants. Easy 100% natural trick without chemicals.

6) Cinnamon against mold

Sometimes small molds form on the surface of the earth. To prevent this, just sprinkle a little cinnamon. In addition, it is an excellent ant repellent.

7) Coffee reindeer

Coffee reindeer has many benefits in the garden. We recommend integrating it into the soil for completely natural fertilization. Your plants are just more beautiful.

8) Seedlings in toilet paper rolls

How to recycle your toilet paper roll? Simply fold them to start the seedlings. The cardboard breaks down and helps your seeds germinate. Ecological and economical solution!