a complete tutorial for an ecological alternative

It’s Christmas time and like every year, the question arises about natural or artificial wood. The problem with natural spruce is that the approach is not very ecological. In fact, these spruces are usually about ten years old and live indoors only a few weeks before they die. Today we offer you a guide to making wood that you can use again from year to year. Plus, you can save money by making it completely recyclable.

What I need:

  • Wood, such as branches, sections or slats
  • Rod for hanging branches
  • Drilling machine
  • Forests
  • Stand
wooden tree
Credit information: Novoselov / iStock

Stages of making a wooden Christmas tree:

1) The first step is to choose the height of the tree. This will allow you to determine the amount of wood you need.

2) Once you have collected (or bought, but it would be a shame) pieces of wood, you can sand them smoother, but it is not mandatory.

3) These pieces of wood are the branches of your tree. Place them on top of each other.

4) If the pieces of wood are all the same size, use a pencil to draw a triangle down from the highest branch. This will allow you to cut your tree.

5) If, on the contrary, they are not the same size, sort them by size. The larger ones form the base of the tree and the smaller ones form the top. If the sizes aren’t regular, there’s nothing stopping you from cutting everything into a beautiful “triangular tree”.

6) Take a drill and a blade large enough and drill all the branches to get through the main arm.

7) Place the stem on the leg of the tree and slide the branches one by one. Add them from largest to smallest.

8) The wooden tree is ready! All you have to do is decorate it.