bring color to your garden in the winter!

Winter is well established in our gardens, but that doesn’t mean it should be sad. There are indeed more colorful plants that bloom in the winter than you might think, and hardy varieties will survive the cold weather without any problems and brighten your look. Plus, in the event of snow, your garden will be even more beautiful thanks to the contrast of white and color! So all you have to do is imagine the landscape you want to offer from the outside. Here is a list of colorful plants you can keep in your garden in the winter.

1) Rhododendron

The color palette of rhododendrons is wide, you will find the ones that suit you.

Authors: Capri23auto / Pixabay

2) Blue dwarf conifers

Junipers, spruces or cedars, bluish conifers bring originality to the garden. They are very durable and overwinter without any problems.

Credits: baiakuku / iStock

3) Crocus

These very small flowers support the snow quite well.

snow crocus
Authors: VolkovaIrina / iStock

4) Narcissus

Narcissus brings a real ray of sunshine to the garden.

daffodil flower
Credits: Nile / Pixabay

5) Mimosa

Mimosa takes care of warming the heart during this cold time.

Authors: Artvision-So / Pixabay