clean green plant leaves

Indoor plants, like your furniture, collect dust. If you do not remove it regularly, it will stick to the leaves. However, cleaning the leaves of plants can change their lives because they need certain elements to thrive, including light that cannot be captured properly if too much dust has accumulated. Check out all the tips for cleaning the leaves of green plants.

Pure plant leaves: why?

Plant growth doesn’t just depend on what’s going on in the substrate: light, air, and moisture are also affected The leaves of green plants are made up of microparticles that trap moisture in the place to feed it. In addition, cacti and succulents basically get their needs from the air.

For all these reasons, dust is a problem. This prevents the passage of air, moisture and light and therefore constitutes a real barrier to photosynthesis. The plants then become more sensitive and their growth is endangered. Cleaning should be part of the maintenance process at the same level as watering or adding fertilizer.

clean green plant leaves
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How to clean sheets?

Not all plants are the same. Some are more durable than others, this determines the cleaning technique among the existing ones: shower, sponge or damp cloth.

For strong plants: shower

It’s time to wash the plants! Spray the most durable (such as indoor palms, philodendrons, yuccas, spathiphyllums, beaucarneas, dieffenbachias or Zamioculcas). The water should be at room temperature. During spring you can use the garden hose directly in the garden.

Fragile or heavy plants: clean by hand

It is recommended to clean the leaves of plants that are too heavy or the most sensitive to transport by hand. Start by spraying the leaves with a small amount of warm water. Gently clean each sheet with a damp cloth, sponge, or towel.

Hold each leaf in your hand from below and gently pull a damp cloth or sponge over it. It is also possible to use a brush with soft bristles.

What products are used for cleaning?

Commercial products are not useful. They can leave residue on the leaves. However, you can use natural products to add shine, such as milk or beer, that you mix into the water!

clean green plant leaves
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