Faded flowers: how to reuse them?

Withered flowers are sometimes ugly, but most of all they consume plant resources in vain. For this reason, in the daily gestures of gardening, it is recommended to remove them while you go. This not only improves the plant’s habits, but it also stimulates subsequent shoots. But what can be done to flowers when they are faded? This is what we invite you to explore.

1) When and how are faded flowers removed?

The flower garden is a delight to the eye and nostrils. Several colors of amazing and delicate perfumes smell of the landscape. Unfortunately, the flowers eventually wither. It is therefore advisable to remove them gradually to promote subsequent flowering and to avoid unnecessary exhaustion of the plant.

It is best to do this with disinfected pruning shears. It is indeed important to disinfect the tools between each pruning so that not all plants become contaminated in the event of a garden disease.

2) Bouquets of dried flowers

Decorate your interior with natural materials that will last you time! To do this, you can especially restore faded flowers to make bouquets of dried flowers.

3) Hillo

Make delicious flower-flavored jams to recycle rose or purple petals! You can find the rose petal jam recipe here.

4) Hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas reveal stunning flowers in the form of a ball. Once they are faded, they stay in place. And if they stay, there’s a good reason for it! In winter, they protect the stems from extreme temperatures, snow, frost and wind. Therefore, it is important not to remove them before winter.

withered flowers
Credit: Licorice / iStock

5) Compost

Withered flowers are part of the so-called green waste. So you can integrate your flowers into your compost to create a 100% natural fertilizer for your garden. Great gesture for nature and your wallet! If you don’t have compost, go to the green waste bin.

6) Mold

Mulching is very useful in the garden. Create it yourself by combining faded flowers, dead branches and clips.

7) Infusions and herbal teas

Make delicious herbal teas from faded petals. Chamomile flower is the most famous spender of sweet evenings.