Homemade Flavored Vinegar: How to Make It?

Flavored vinegar is perfect for seasoning different dishes in the kitchen. Peppers, aromatic herbs, shallots, garlic or dried fruit form this prized spice. There are dozens of them in the supermarket, but the price is usually high and the texture is not always natural. For this reason, homemade flavored vinegar is more economical and healthier. This is how you make aromatic vinegar.

Which vinegar to choose?

First, it is important to choose quality vinegar. If you want something milder, consider apple cider vinegar. If you want something fuller, choose a good vinegar. Above all, do not choose white wine vinegar that is too sour and does not add flavor.

You can also make the vinegar yourself. To do this, mix a good red wine in a small glass of organic cider vinegar. Place this mixture in a vinegar jar or a jar with a thin cloth to prevent insects from entering. Allow to macerate for several weeks to allow gas exchange. Your wine will eventually turn into vinegar!

aromatic herbal vinegar
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How to spice up homemade vinegar?

There are numerous aromatic herbs, so you can choose them to your taste! They can be dry or fresh. Basil, bay leaf, thyme, sage, coriander… list goes on. The choice also depends on whether you use vinegar for meat, fish, vegetables or even salads, some flavors go better together than others.

You can also add garlic, shallots, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, pepper or pink berries.

Fruit vinegar is also very good. Choose small red fruits like raspberry, blackcurrant or cherry. It is also possible to add seasonal fruits such as apples or apricots.


If it is possible to macerate everything in a vinegar bottle, it is best to do it in a jar so that everything is filtered out after a while. Finely chop the spices and hold your hand lightly, especially on the garlic or shallot. Count 75 cl vinegar for a sprig of thyme, a dozen raspberries, two shallots or a handful of basil. The taste should not be too strong. Dip all the spices well to prevent mold from forming.