How much do you earn streaming

In the past, the only way to win was by effort. Today, all you have to do is be in front of the computer, begin streaming, playing games, chatting with friends about different topics, and having great fun.

Teenagers can earn money this way too and earn a significant amount of money in addition to that. What is the earnings streaming? A guide for beginners to streamers.

What do streamers do?

An online stream (stream) means that the host is the streamer. Furthermore, the broadcasting of any content within the confines of the law, and the regulations of the channel. The viewers of the shows interact via the streamer, and also by using chat.

A viewer’s number is contingent on the content, the way it is presented and the appeal of the streamer as well as the overall quality of the service.

The advantages and disadvantages of making money through streams

Being a streamer comes with its pros and cons. There isn’t a perfect job.


  • It’s fun to work.
  • Single single
  • Free schedule.

The default

  • People who are inappropriate and people who hate (spectators)
  • The need for resources to begin
  • It’s hard to move beyond this.

What is the most important thing a streamer requires

Without investment, without beginning capital, it is difficult to establish yourself as a great streamer. The viewers love a stunning image, top-quality audio, and minimal delay. It’s easy to write everything down:

  1. Equipment (powerful laptop or PC, microphone, webcam)
  2. Speedy internet (so video resolution is 1080p)
  3. Software (Xsplit Broadcaster, or Open Broadcaster Software)
  4. Moderators.

Popular streaming services

It is essential to select the right platform however, it’s not crucial. Platforms vary in terms of the conditions, rules, and audience. They also differ in orientation, as well as conditions.

The most effective services

  • Tic
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Excellent game.

Tic – the most awaited platform, renowned for its simplicity, and convenience. Cons include ambiguous rules and a lot of competitors. YouTube has more rigid rules, however, it is not as practical. Twitch is able to make use of chatbots.

They alert new viewers, request to be part of the team, are accountable for the music, and may have numerous intriguing teams. The most well-known bots can be found in Moobot or Nightbot. The differences between them are not significant usually, you can pick two at a time. Interface in English.

WASD.TV It is a new Russian platform that was developed by MTS. Its distinctive features include channel pumping. The longer the duration of the stream the longer the stream will last, and the more “experience” hosts will gain. They also gain experience watching shows thanks to the viewers.

Good game Also, it is a Russian platform, but it’s currently concentrated on eSports. Broadcasts are broadcast predominantly focused on Dota, Warcraft, Starcraft, and League of Legends. The hosts are experienced commentators.

How to monetize a channel

The easiest way to generate income is from a channel that already has a regular following, so many methods won’t work at first.

The development of the canal belongs entirely to the owner. If the channel has at least 100 permanent active viewers, the following paths are open to the streamer:

  1. Affiliate program
  2. Donations
  3. Subscription
  4. Advertising
  5. Broadcast recording
  6. Sale of goods, merchandising.

Affiliate program to earn on streams

Earning an affiliate is quite simple. Host inserts affiliate link in-stream description, people click on it, the streamer will get money. Affiliate programs and conditions for making a profit are different.


Donations are donations to streamers. To start giving, give more often, and create a list of services that the streamer will perform for a certain amount. Viewers can help streamers achieve certain goals (save for a new PC, microphone, chair, or monitor).

The host himself determines the minimum amount of donations.

Beginners try not to overestimate too much, experienced set the minimum wage at 8-10 dollars.


How much do you earn streaming

Streaming services offer a subscription service. When a subscriber joins the streamer and the subscriber is given a variety of gifts (emoticons of the streamer,, for instance).

Ideas to improve subscriber numbers:

  • Create a contest for subscribers only.
  • Discover exciting rewards for subscribers.
  • All interactive, with subscribers.

The sale of products, merchandising, and the selling of

Advertisers are attracted to streamers that have large viewers. The conditions, prices, and products will depend upon the advertiser and the content of the channel.

The most popular streamers also have their own merchandise. The Merchandising collection is a selection of merchandise that is related to the channel (mugs T-shirts featuring the logo of the channel). It is executed creatively and with a sense of humor.

Live recording on YouTube

On YouTube streaming platforms, celebrities post videos of their shows, and cut out hilarious moments. These can be a source of additional revenue and advertising (often combined by affiliate program).

How to make money stream

Beginning is easy, but sustaining it is difficult. Young streamers start but drop out.

Before you launch the first show, be aware of:

  1. The cost of equipment isn’t important however it can make it more engaging for viewers to sit as well as listen to radio broadcasts
  2. A regularity is part of the reason for its success, increasing the reach of the audience.
  3. It is crucial to inform you that the broadcast is about to begin. broadcast via social media networks.
  4. The duration of diffusion is vital Longer is better
  5. Bots that cheat will aid in promotion (risky)
  6. The streamer determines the guidelines for the conduct of his streams.
  7. Streaming services come with their own rules, in the event of a violation, they will ban
  8. If a channel owner is found to be in violation of the rules, the moderators and the channel’s owner are entitled to prohibit the person who is in violation.

How much can you earn from streaming

Popular – between 1 and 2 million dollars each month. They have a long-term audience, sponsors, and advertising brands.

Beginning students – 20-30 thousand They have an average of between 100 and 200 people. It’s not easy for novices to make 2-3000 in their first month. With the increase in popularity, the issue of an ever-growing audience will be gone.

What’s the end result?

Broadcasts are long gone from being just be entertainment. Now, they are a genuine source of income that isn’t less than professional work. The competition is fierce however, they are able to achieve all with their own effort.

If you don’t invest in equipment and equipment, you won’t be able to make money. However, costly equipment does not make one streamer. It requires charisma and a manner of speaking to the viewers.

On average, streamers get 2-3 thousand dollars. The most popular ones receive 10 times more. Social networks like YouTube assist in promoting the channels and increasing the number of viewers.