how to cure it from diseases and parasites?

Schlumbergera, also known as the Christmas cactus, is a plant that blooms during the holidays (mid-December to late January). It is a succulent plant that has the advantage of easy care and can bloom again every year for about ten years. However, like most houseplants, schlumbergera requires some maintenance. And if unfortunately the pests attack it or its leaves soften, here’s all our tips for caring for the Christmas cactus.

The fight against powdery mildew

The flour are small pests that the Christmas cactus is very afraid of. They stick to the whole plant, including the stems, and form white, powdery-looking blisters. If you are dealing with Finnish insects, here is a natural technique: dilute liquid black soap in water. Then spray the solution over the entire area of ​​the plant. Add about 10% black soap in your solution. Then repeat the procedure until you get rid of the powdery mildew permanently.

schlumbergera christmas cactus
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My Schlumberger has soft leaves, what should I do?

If the leaves of the Christmas cactus soften, it may be due to lack of water. In fact, its name is misleading. The cactus needs very little water, but the schlumbergera is a succulent plant that needs fresh soil all the time. Therefore, it must be watered regularly, but without too much. The soil should dry on the surface between two waterings. Be sure to empty the plate to prevent the plant from rotting.

What if the leaves turn red?

Red leaves are a sign of a burn: the Christmas cactus turns red if it is too exposed to the sun. Place it in a bright room, but out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing it behind glass or installing a blackout curtain.

How to make a Christmas cactus bloom?

You may be patient, but you can’t see the flowers? Maybe not all conditions are right for your plant to bloom. Start by placing it in a bright room where there is no direct sunlight and away from heat sources (such as a radiator). No artificial light is needed at night. To bloom, the schlumbergera needs breaks between light and dark. Finally, it is very afraid of drought, make sure the substrate is always fresh.