How to liquidate reposts in VK: 7 best services

To show the value of the content, it is important to promote reposts on VK. If the followers are low quality or deceived, it is necessary to promote reposts on VK. This is just a cosmetic way to improve the stats, and it will not promote the community.

This article will show you how to get many reposts on VK with or without cheating.

How do I liquidate reposts in VKontakte

Services are available to complete the reactions (reposts and likes, comments). All actions will be performed by offers – people who post your posts in exchange for money. Simply indicate the amount you require and what you want. The file will begin receiving reposts almost immediately after payment.

You can cheat on reposts using VK by using the following 7 resources.

This is a popular service that comes at a low price. There are three speeds available: slow, medium, and fast. The price for the whole task will be determined based on these factors.

Points are used to pay for services. Half of the points are required for this service. One point costs between 0.05 and 0.025 rubles depending on how much replenishment is required.

This service is simple and intuitive.

The cost of this service is slightly higher than the previous one. It offers standard interpreters as well as offers from other countries and the CIS.

Find “shares”, comments, likes, subscribers and comments as well as other social media networks’ reactions.

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It is a reliable and easy way to complete reposts on VK. You can order up to 35,000 shares per “tell friends”, and it costs 0.69 rubles.

This service allows you to modify reposts for multiple records simultaneously. You only need to enter the amount you require and then insert links. Reactions will be evenly distributed between them.

You can choose the gender and age of the artist on this site (18+). You cannot order reposts on albums photos, or pinned entries at the top of the page.

The service allows you to select the gender, age, and number of friends that you wish to have on the artist’s page. You can also specify how many reposts you want per day. It is important to note that the greater the number of criteria, the smaller the base of interpreters.

You can order “Tell Friends”, in packages ranging from 100 to 25 000 pieces, on this platform. Minimum cost: 20 dollars

There are several pricing options available, each with different quality service. The most expensive plan is advertised and has a guarantee of 360 days. This means that reposts will be relaunched free of charge if they disappear.

How to Liquidate Replies Safely

VK is not an exception to the rule that cheating is a crime in any social network. These are the simple steps to avoid problems:

  • Do not “share” too many coins. You should not instantly twist 100 coins if you have 1-2 reposts in the previous messages. Begin with a few reactions.
  • Likes are earned by buying more. If an entry is worth reposting, it will also be re-posted many times.
  • You should not use two services at once. In the event of a writeoff, you won’t be able understand which site has gone down.

The offers are not intended to be used as cheating pages. They have a separate page that they share with dozens of friends. They were created for one purpose: to ensure that the page working is not empty (service requirements). This means reposts won’t be viewed on offer pages and you shouldn’t expect a significant increase in reach.

What is the most popular content that users share

In collaboration with Buzzsumo, OkDork conducted a study that analyzed 10,000 rating documents. They rated them

A certain emotion coloring: laughter, anger, admiration, etc. This allowed us to identify the most popular content shared by people.

These are the results:

As you can see most people post what brings them joy, admiration, laughter, and joy. These materials should be highlighted in order to get many reactions.

It is important to understand why users repost. These are the main reasons to share a post with friends:

  • Feel the emotions. Have fun. A person wants to make friends laugh while also showing his humor.
  • Your inner world is what you should show. The reposts allow a person to share what is inside him and also attempt to influence something or feel useful.
  • Demonstrate your belonging to a specific class. People who have aspirations to be successful businessmen post motivational quotes. People who believe in horoscopes share daily/monthly predictions.
  • Keep track of the information that you require. People save materials and keep them in a collection. Long messages can also be saved to allow for more detailed reading when needed.
  • Be able to prove your innocence. Articles and quotes are posted by people who agree with authoritative experts.
  • Participate in the raffle. Reposts can often appear when there is simple manipulation, such as receiving a prize or reposting one another.

VK streams are very kind to users. When selecting materials to be republished they carefully consider the audience and what it will inspire. You need to get to know your audience. This will allow you to understand their interests and provide content suggestions.

How to get more VK reposts without cheating

Below is a list of the most shared content on VK.


You can collect books, movies and other services that match the band’s theme. This is a viral type of content that you should not overlook.

Life hacks and useful tips

People save content that solves a problem. Step-by-step instructions, expert advice or personal experiences are all appreciated by users.

Funny videos and GIFs

People love sharing fun and entertaining content, as we have already mentioned. You can upload a single photo/video or add memes and gifs for a news/personal opinion/event.


Infographics can be visual. Users immediately see the data and are able to perceive it clearly.

It is true that concise facts and information are more easily understood than long, but informative, texts. Infographics can be attractive and shared with friends without shame.

Articles on social issues

You can create memes or write messages based on current events. You need to get to know your audience. This content can lead to both strong reactions and mass unsubscribes.

practical jokes

You can also increase your business by hosting contests that offer prizes. Raffles are not possible every day, so you need to make sure your content is high quality.


Cheating on reposts will create an attractive image of high activity and subscribers for advertisers. This is not a good way to promote the community. These are some simple guidelines to ensure your followers share your posts frequently:

  • Create useful and interesting content you wish to republish. These could be collections, life hacks or memes.
  • Beautiful visuals are essential. Text without images is not attractive and you don’t want to read it.
  • Create unique content. VK does not allow for plagiarism and is therefore not recommended.
  • Analyze the posts that have received a lot of attention and many reactions on your topic. Consider how they got users hooked and then try something similar.
  • Choose the most convenient time to post. Post when your audience is most active.

It is not easy to create viral content immediately. However, it is possible to experiment with the style and format of posts that your VK audience will share.