How to Make Money on iRecommend in 2022: Detailed Instructions

We have provided detailed instructions on how you can make money with I recommend. This article will provide a step-by, detailed plan as well as instructions for beginners on how to avoid making mistakes. iRecommends income can be passive or active. You can review once per month, and you’ll still receive income every day. It is easy to make money with airrecommend. Anyone can do it.

The principle behind the I recommend site is to share experiences and make money.

Let’s begin with the most important: How much they pay for IRecommend?


For reading a notice, the charge is 5 kopecks. Although it may seem small, this is a significant amount considering that each review can receive dozens to hundreds of views per day. Bonuses are also available for those who post new reviews within three days.

The maximum bonus is 10 Dollars. It is awarded for reviews in finance, tourism and technology. It is very well. It is possible to earn bonuses if you write about topics that have higher bonuses. However, these topics may not always bring you big bonuses.

Each evening, the statistics of the previous day are updated. The money from the day prior is debited. Legend has it that 25 dollars per day is the passive income of authors. The earnings of many of the same authors are significantly lower.

For 100 written opinions, we cannot guarantee that you will get as many. It all depends upon the type of feedback and views. An author who has 10 high-quality reviews on popular topics might earn more than someone with 100 mediocre articles on obscure or outdated topics.

A ratio of 1:0 is considered a good indicator. Those. The daily payment of R10 for 100 reviews is the norm. This ratio is not the norm for many authors.

What should be a good review on iRecommend

On Air (as the authors of the platform call it among themselves), it makes no sense to write short answers with bad photos. Readers will simply close them without finishing reading, there is no payment for a short stroll through the journal.

Such a review begins to descend lower and lower in the branch, more detailed and useful reviews precede it, and the unfortunate review smoothly moves to the next pages and, therefore, simply gets lost in the flood of news.

A good review should be helpful to the reader. A maximum of personal impressions, useful information and beautiful photos are the key to success.

Yes, detailed packing description is welcome here. Sometimes the authors get carried away and begin to describe quite obvious and unnecessary facts: “The shampoo is stable on the bathroom shelf, it does not fall, it fits comfortably in the hand, it does not slip not, the packaging is beautiful and goes well with my khaki towels.

Another extreme is to mention personal data and go to memory pools: “My husband gave this pan for the anniversary of our acquaintance, I remember that then a light breeze was blowing, I was in a flying dress that looked like a creamy, dessert-colored caramel, and a song from the movie was playing in my head Beautiful Girl.” Don’t do it that way! People come to reviews for product information, not for artistic imagery.

The structure is important in feedback. Introduction, brief information on the subject of the examination, preferably with quotes from the manufacturer, subtitles, lists, points with advantages and disadvantages, a conclusion.
It’s important to write a review on your own behalf, and not through the lens of an aunt, matchmaker, or sister’s impressions.

Photos are extremely important. You don’t need to have an Insta layout. Clear, well-cropped photos will suffice. IRecomend authors now have real competition: who has a better photo, added more decor, has better cameraphones and can take a picture on a DSLR?

It is important to include a teaser. The product description at the top of the page is very important. This will help the user decide whether or not he wants to review the product.

The teaser also displays the first three uploaded photos, so upload the most interesting and best images first.

Top, top 24, best and new on iRecommend

This is such an internal criterion for evaluating reviews, it is only visible to registered authors.

These are the categories that a new review can fall into. In the first stage, there are the best and the new. It depends on how the review was rated by the moderators. If a review is highly rated, it will appear in the top and more authors will see it. Then he has a chance to enter the tops (if the topic is interesting).

Thus, the review gains more views from the authors of the site, therefore, it rises higher in the branch and for the first day will earn more money from internal views. In addition, the main views come from third-party users.

I highly recommend rating

Each author has his own rating and the more good reviews written, the higher the author’s reviews in the thread, respectively, the rating affects the place in the thread. It is not found or visible. It’s a concept shrouded in darkness and every author wants to know their rating.

There is an opinion that beginners automatically have a higher rating than old users of the site. It is very important to try to write quality reviews, especially the first ones. This is how a rating is formed, which will then automatically determine the place of the review in the thread.

Moderating reviews on iRecommend

IRecomend is not moderated by a robot, but by real people. By the way, after certain conditions are met, any author can send a request to assign him the status of the moderator. On average, you can earn 10 rubles a day by reading reviews.

Manufacturing review

Yes, Airecomend authors are considered bloggers to some extent, and some companies offer to cooperate with them by sending their products for free in exchange for a review.

Maybe many third-party users don’t know this, but the gray stars are the review product. This is a recent introduction to the site that has received a lot of negative feedback from review-loving writers.

Most often, authors receive reviews of medium-priced cosmetics, but some are lucky and cooperate with luxury cosmetics and perfume companies. In addition, children’s toys, small household appliances, clothing, etc. are sent for review.

Withdraw money from iRecommend

The minimum amount is 50 dollars. Previously it was possible to withdraw on Yandex money, but now withdrawal is available only on WebMoney.

Is it really possible to make money on iRecommend

Not anymore. The authors are many, the best places in the profitable branches have long been occupied by the giants of the site. But not everyone wants to write just for the soul.

Money earned on this site will not allow you to quit your job and will not become the main source of income, because, as a rule, in a positive scenario, it is several thousand per month. Many earn much less here, without even crossing the threshold of the minimum withdrawal amount.

To write or not is an individual matter. If there is plenty of time left and you would like to share your opinion for a small fee, then welcome.

If you want more or less serious money, then Airik is not the place to look for it!

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