How to Make Money on News Sites in 2022

Many people have heard this saying since childhood: “Whoever owns the information, the world is his.” It is obvious that anyone who provides information earns his bread. Information sites can answer many questions. How much can you make from them? What is better, investing in a pre-built website or building one yourself? This article will answer these and other questions.

What are news websites?

News sites offer content in many formats to their visitors. It is often text, images, and video. These sites don’t sell anything but make money through advertising.

Any information project should be able to answer the question of the user. SEO promotions will not yield positive results if there is no quality content.

Earning on news sites is the principle

These sites make money through advertising, as it was stated above. You need to take a variety of actions to make money. You have two options: either create your own website or buy a profitable, already-made project.

Start a new information site

You need to take the following steps in order to build a website and make money.

  1. It is important to choose the right niche for your project. There are both cheap and expensive niches that directly impact the income level.
  2. Register a website domain.
  3. Hosting for your site.
  4. WordPress is the most widely used and easiest CMS to create a website.
  5. A content plan will help you decide how the site will be populated.
  6. As needed, gather semantics
  7. If you intend to write your own articles, create terms of reference (TOR).
  8. Configure all plugins and implement different features.
  9. Participate in SEO optimization to ensure that your site is found by search engines (PS).
  10. It takes about six months to get traffic.
  11. You can make money by promoting affiliate programs or other ways.

Ad units are displayed to users as they visit pages on the site. These banners are often from the Yandex Advertising Network affiliate programs (YAN), and Google AdSense. Site owners receive revenue for impressions and clicks from these blocks.

You need certain skills to complete a high-quality project. Although it will be hard to solve it on your own it is possible. It is a good idea to have a mentor who can answer your questions. There will be many.

Many webmasters see building a news website from scratch as a lottery. After all, even well-designed sites don’t always get traffic. It is, therefore, better to think about purchasing immediately.

Purchase a complete project

A site can be purchased on the most popular exchange Phone(s), as well as thematic Telegram channels. There are many pitfalls when buying a site. Yandex can help you analyze the project. A metric display counter, or other statistics. These are the key points to remember:

  • Traffic distribution (traffic sources). It is ideal if the majority of traffic comes from different search engines. The risks are higher if the traffic is only Yandex and there are no Google transitions.
  • The uniqueness of content. Unique content is more valuable for sites. Search engines won’t approve stolen articles.
  • Cheat. Cheat.
  • Bounce rate, roboticity and time on site are some of the indicators.
  • Reimbursement for the project. The average payback time for a news site is between 20 and 24 months. This means that if the site makes $100 per month, its payback period will be between 20 and 24 months.

This list doesn’t cover all points that you should pay attention to. Before you buy, it is best to review each site one at a time and to know what to do with them.

News Site Monetization Methods

Traffic or visitors are the primary asset of any content website. Online shops attract visitors to their sites in order to sell products. Online news sites offer advertising space on site, as well as links and other placements.

Google AdSense is the most well-known contextual affiliate program, followed by Yandex Advertising Networks (YAN).

Teaser advertising can be more aggressive, but it also has the right. There are many teaser networks. We will only tell you which ones are most popular.

You can find many affiliates online, so it is a good idea to try different monetization options to determine which option is most profitable for you.

The sale of links is possible on the following exchanges:

  1. Gogetlinks
  2. Mira Links
  3. Sap

PUSH monetization is also possible, but now it is not as relevant as before. However, there are such services:


How much can you earn on news sites

Income from news sites directly depends on the amount of funds invested, the quality of the sites and the methods of monetization. Attractive and profitable sites can be called the following topics:

  • legal (fines, alimony, loans, housing law, etc.)
  • finance (micro-credits, banks, crypto-currencies)
  • cars (repair, purchase, sale, fines, accidents, CASCO, OSAGO)
  • construction and repair (furniture, design, landscape, decoration, interior)
  • tourism and relocation (immigration, emigration, obtaining visas, residence permits, etc.)

From these niches you can get 50-60 kopecks for 1 visitor, this is considered a good indicator. For example, if 1000 visitors visit the site per day, you can count on income in the region of 50 dollars (about 1,000 dollars/month). Below is an example of earning money on financial websites. On one site there are about 250 visitors per day, and on the second 150.

Obvious pros and cons of news sites

As with any business, content sites have their pros and cons, let’s start with the good ones.


  1. Opportunity to work for yourself.
  2. Flexibility – you can work when there is inspiration and desire.
  3. income stability. Affiliate programs make payments every month.
  4. Possibility of selling the project “for a high price”.
  5. Remote employment. All you need is a laptop and internet.
  6. Opportunity to grow and develop, reinvest and earn more.

Less :

  1. Dependence on search engines (PS), especially their algorithms. They change often, which is why there is a risk of getting penalties and losing traffic.
  2. Sites often do not pass moderation in affiliate programs. In YAN they can send for re-moderation.
  3. Ability to block accounts in affiliate programs.


News sites are a great opportunity to earn money on the Internet, thus guaranteeing freedom and mobility. In this case, not always everything goes smoothly, but almost always there is an opportunity to “steer”. This is not about sports betting, casinos or another scam, but about potential internet activity where wins and losses are possible.