How to make money on Yandex Toloka. Task tips, reviews

Yandex.Toloka has been one of the most popular methods to make money online. We’ll tell you more about making money with Yandex.Toloka. What tasks are available, how much you can make, and give reviews for 2022 .

What’s Yandex.Toloka?

Yandex.Toloka allows you to make real money by completing different tasks.

For example, check texts for spelling errors, determine video quality. Check if the images match the search query. The customer must pay for the work once it is completed. The customer pays for the work after it is completed.

You can access the service via a browser on your computer or on your mobile device. However, there is a certain thing that cannot be done on a tablet or smartphone.

You must first register and complete training to gain access to the tasks. The results of this training determine whether or not the individual meets the requirements for the service. Let’s have a closer look at

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Top 3 tasks to earn on Yandex.Toloka

After creating an account, in the catalog of orders you can see that there are few of them.

There are 20-30 pieces on the site on weekdays , and on weekends, in general, no more than 10, but many of them can be completed 20-30 times , so as a result, the number of tasks increases by 5-6 times.

Before completing an order, it is often necessary to undergo training . If a person masters all the tasks that Toloka offers, then in the future, training will not be required.

Task 1 – side by side

It involves a pairwise comparison of pictures, videos, pages, search results, interfaces, etc., after which the performer needs to choose the best option.

The cost for such work is approximately 0.5-1 ruble ($0.01).

Task 2 – conformity assessment

It is necessary to evaluate the correspondence of websites, pictures, videos, texts to the search query. It is necessary to determine whether this request is relevant at all, how many users go to it, etc.

Earnings per task – 1-3 rubles (0.01-0.04 dollars).

Task 3 – field task

To complete the order, you need to go outside and go to the specified place . Often you just need to take a picture of this building, check whether it exists at all, whether it has closed, and also find out the opening hours. Another customer can ask to leave a review about this company.

How much can you earn on the Yandex.Toloka platform?

Earnings on the Internet on Yandex.Toloka vary, because the price of an order depends on its type and complexity. However, in general, it is small and amounts to 0.01-0.03 dollars (ie, no more than 1-2 rubles).

Most of the assignments are valued at $0.02 (1.5 rubles). Plus, before completing each order, you need to undergo a small training, which takes time.

The maximum earnings are approximately 15 rubles ($0.2). Work for mobile devices is estimated at a maximum of 37 rubles (0.5 dollars).

Below we present real reviews of cooperation with Toloka from Yandex.

Review – Marina, 45 years old

I have been working for Yandex.Toloka for about six months. I take only those orders where you do not need to undergo complex training, spend a lot of time and, most importantly, are simply understandable to me. I devote no more than 1 hour a day, for the entire period it turned out about 11 thousand rubles. I think that this is the easiest way to earn money, which can be, I advise everyone!

Review – Elena, 57 years old

After I retired, I decided to do some work for myself. I studied various ways to earn money, one of those that I like is Yandex Toloka. I carry out only simple orders, I ask the price so that they are not too cheap, I don’t do field orders, because I need to walk a lot around the city and know all the places. The average earnings on the Internet per month from this application is approximately 1,300 – 1,500 rubles.

Review – Vadim, 20 years old

I learned about Taloc through friends who do tasks there for money. I am a student, so after my studies I work as a courier, I often travel around the city, to various places, so I liked the field work at Toloka. Sfotkal and got my money. I earn about 2 thousand rubles a month. I recommend the service.

How to start making money on Yandex Toloka (step by step guide)

It is possible to receive earnings on the Yandex.Toloka Internet only after creating an account. How to do this and how to increase your rating faster, we will find out below.

Step 1

You need to go to the service and register in it. If there is no mail, you just need to invent it and register an account on Toloka (this will create your own account on Yandex). If the mail is available, just indicate it.

Step 2

Then you need to identify yourself by entering personal data. Next, you need to confirm registration.

Step 3

After all the data is entered, for accurate confirmation, an SMS code will be sent to the phone, which must be indicated on the site. Once entered, registration is complete.

Step 4

After logging in to the personal account , the following sections will be available:

  • “Tasks”. The section is divided into 2 parts: all tasks and active. All tasks are those that are available to the performer, active tasks are those that are in progress.
  • “Profile”. The section is divided into 3 parts: history, my money and profile. The history shows completed orders, in my money – how much has already been earned, in the profile – personal information that can be corrected.
  • “Achievements”. This is the rating section. The higher the value, the more expensive orders are available.
  • “Messages”. Page with dialogues for communication with users or customers.

Rating here affects the salary of performers. So that it does not stand still and does not decrease, it is necessary to regularly visit this service, perform work according to the TOR, and constantly learn. If the account is not used for a long time, you will have to learn again.

Step 5

As soon as all the information about the site becomes clear, you can start working. Beginners will have to study a lot, because each task requires training. You do not need to take courses only after one successful mastering of the material. That is why it is recommended to find what you like and is the most understandable.

On the scroll bar to the right of the tasks, you can select the type of work or customer. For beginners, it’s better to check the boxes everywhere, so there will be more work. But for more advanced users, you can choose, because the rating allows.

Important! It is necessary to correlate the complexity of the task with payment. If the job is difficult and the pay is low and training is required, it is better not to take it.

Step 6

Raising the rating is an important point. Before completing an order, you must undergo training, after which a skill is assigned. It must be at least 80 points , this will make it clear to the system that the performer is a responsible and attentive person.

In order to maintain the rating at the proper level, it is necessary to carefully read the material, do all the work with high quality, and avoid mistakes. If errors appear, the rating drops. If you do not visit the site for a long time, it also decreases.

Step 7

Work through a mobile application. Some types of work can only be done from a smartphone. This is convenient, because orders on a computer and on a phone are different, i.e. their total number increases.

Through the phone, you can perform field tasks when you need to walk around the city, take pictures of the organization, find out if it works, and, if so, on what schedule. The pay is good, ranging from 7 rubles ($0.1) to 73 rubles ($1).

Orders for mobile devices are also available. They can be done while doing something at the same time.

5 secrets for beginners how to earn more

Those who know the secrets of working in this area make good money on Toloka. Below we present the main ones.

Secret 1 (professional training)

Before completing the task, all performers undergo training. This needs to be paid attention, because otherwise you can let the customer down and perform the work poorly. It is not in vain that they say: “You go quieter – you will continue.”

If you carefully read the introductory part, everything will be clear. Otherwise, if the work is performed poorly, not only the rating will decrease, but the customer may not pay for the work.

Secret 2 (constant monitoring)

To get good tasks on the service, you need to constantly view the feed. There are a lot of employees at Yandex.Toloka, so orders fly out quickly.

There is also one trick : you can complete the same orders from different accounts. Although you can register on the site only 1 time, however, if the IP address is not permanent, you can do this any number of times. The main thing is to do quality work and maintain both pages so that the rating does not decrease.

Secret 3 (automating actions)

On the site, when doing work, creativity and the ability to come up with something new, generate ideas are not needed. Here it is important to bring your actions to automation, because the faster orders are executed, the more profitable for the contractor himself, he will receive more. The machine checks all orders.

Secret 4 (good relationship with the customer)

The customer has the right to pay extra to the contractor. The average copay price ranges from $0.01 to $100. Therefore, the better and faster the work is done, the greater the chance that the customer will appreciate it and will give individual orders on an ongoing basis.

Secret 5 (Order Estimation)

No need to take everything on the site, because some topics may not be interesting, and some are just boring and lengthy.

It will not be possible to evaluate orders from the first time, for a start, of course, you need to try everything to the maximum.

After the skill of evaluating orders is developed, it is recommended to take those that do not take much time and are well paid.

Pros and cons of working on Yandex.Toloka

Like any service, has its pros and cons.

The service will not deceive, because Yandex is one of the largest companies in Russia. Fraudster customers are unlikely to be able to register on the site.

An easy job that doesn’t take long.

User-friendly interface, everyone can use the service, there are no complicated functions and settings.

Payment is made in dollars, which is quite convenient. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, money can be withdrawn when the dollar has the highest price.

There are many orders, they are constantly updated, you can take them several times.

Monotonous work, which is not interesting to perform.

Low salary, not suitable as a main job.

Complicated withdrawal procedure, it is necessary to identify the wallet, otherwise it will not be possible to withdraw funds.

Strange rating system, which is very difficult to understand.

How to withdraw money from Yandex.Toloka?

To withdraw money, you can use the following services:

  1. Yandex money;
  2. PayPal;
  3. Skrill;
  4. mobile payment.

Withdrawal conditions will depend on the country in which the performer is located. Consider the example of Russia.

Algorithm for withdrawing money on Toloka in Russia:

  1. Go to “Profile” => “My money”.
  2. Specify withdrawal details.
  3. Click on “Withdraw money”.

The money will be transferred within 30 days.

In order for the money to be credited, you need to check the following data:

  • the page must contain the same information that is written in the passport of the Russian Federation;
  • the wallet must not be named or anonymous.

To withdraw money, you need to pay a commission on Yandex.Toloka, the amount of which is 0.1% of the amount . The site is an automatic conversion, so you do not need to worry about it.

If you withdraw weekly or even more often, you can withdraw at least 1 dollar. If you withdraw less than once a week – $ 0.02 . Of the payment systems presented above, several more methods are also available:

  • bank card, account or wallet (WebMoney, Qiwi);
  • payment services;
  • payment for purchases, receipts, fines;
  • making contactless payments.

Conclusion and related video

Working in the Toloka service is suitable for those who want to earn some extra money by completing simple tasks. There are various analogs of Yandex Toloka, some are worse, others are better. If you work in various services in the aggregate, then you can earn good money without much bother.

Yandex Toloka is a proven service where you will definitely not stumble upon scammers and you will be sure that you will receive the money you earn.