How to preserve and preserve cut flowers?

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful flower garden, you may want to share it around you. All occasions are suitable for offering flowers: birthdays, parties, meetings … Maybe you want to take advantage of it yourself your inner flowers and store them in a beautiful vase. But how are cut flowers preserved and preserved? Here are all our tips.

1) Cut the flower stalks well

The most important first step in preserving flowers is cutting the stems. Receiving a bouquet of flowers is always a pleasure and we want to keep them for as long as possible. Before you put them in a vase, be sure to cut the stems.

Use a sharp knife for this purpose. Scissors or pruning shears can crush the stems. In any case, the tools must be clean. It is recommended to disinfect them before cutting the stems. Cut about 2-3 cm and repeat the procedure every 3 days.

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2) Store bouquets in a vase

After selecting the varieties, the choice of vase is important. Indeed, it must measure at least half the length of the stem and be very clean to avoid bacteria. The most important thing is that the air circulates well to ventilate the flowers. Also, be sure to remove any leaves that come in contact with the water to prevent them from rotting. Finally, if you buy a bouquet from a florist, it will definitely come with a bag of nutrients. This is often also the case when buying flowers online. For example, watercolor bouquets always comes with these bags to ensure a fresh attack for longer. Pour this bag into a vase half filled with water.

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3) Grandma’s tricks and natural preservatives

Natural solutions diluting the vase with water to keep cut flowers longer. There is sugar that makes good nutrients, but be careful, just one teaspoon is enough. You can also add a few touches of baking soda. It has the same effect as sugar.

Licking vinegar would limit the growth of bacteria and thus allow your flower to last longer. You can combine it with sugar.

Another pretty original trick: soda. Be careful not to use cola-type soda as it will brown the vase. But lemonade nourishes the stems with sugar (not diet soda). The acidity of the war would lower the pH of the water.

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4) Cut the flowers to make dried flowers

Instead of letting your flowers quietly wither, why not make them dry to give them another life ? They give your interior a charm with a rustic and bohemian feel. You can dry your flowers individually or in a bouquet. They should then be hung upside down and placed in a dark, cool and very dry room. If you have a basement or garage, this is perfect.

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