How to Promote a Telegram Channel from Scratch in 2022

Promoting a Telegram channel is one of the few ways to become a blogger in 2022 and earn money from advertising. In the messenger you can write on any topic, there are no strong restrictions, and the absence of a smart feed allows you to be much closer to your subscribers. In this article, we will tell you how you can be promoted in Telegram for free and for a fee, as well as using cheats.

Telegram Channel Promotion Methods Prix Efficiency
Beautifully design the channel Is free Haute
Post regularly and in an interesting way Shareware Haute
Invite friends and social media followers Is free Haute
Advertising exchange Is free Medium
Comments in Yandex.Q and Is free Haute
Cheat Followers From 0.29 rubles per subscriber Medium
Links in Yandex.Zen Is free Haute
Buy advertising on other channels From 50 rubles and hundreds of thousands Medium
Participation in collections From a few hundred rubles to tens of thousands Medium
Links in articles Is free Haute

Promoting the Telegram channel using promotion

Cheat in Telegram will help create a visually popular channel. You can catch up with followers, buy reactions, and views. Thus, real users will see that your blog is interesting and worth subscribing to.

To cheat, you can use the following services:

Here you can buy Telegram channel subscribers, views and likes. There are three reaction speeds: slow, moderate, fast. To start the promotion, you need to buy points by replenishing the balance. The higher the amount, the cheaper the item. The cost of 1 pc. – from 0.05 to 0.025 rubles.

life hack: if you don’t want to pay to cheat, you can earn some in the same service as an artist. You will need to join groups, view posts and videos, and like posts. For this, you will receive points that can be spent to promote your channel.

This site offers various promotional opportunities. There are Russian subscribers here, cheat reactions, views and groups. A money-back guarantee is offered if for any reason the order is not completed, and 24/7 support.

The service works in a similar way to Boss-like but is a little more expensive. You can purchase up to half a billion subscribers, likes, views or views. You can also choose the speed of the task.

To do business? Subscribe to the telegram channel Russian entrepreneur who has more than 10 years experience. This channel is a collection of personal experiences in business, management, personal development.

The start of channel promotion in Telegram

You need to plan what you will write before you promote Telegram, cheating or anything else. You need to take a moment and reflect.

It is important to write interestingly, for long periods of time and in a regular manner. You won’t be able to find the right topic or you will lose interest in it. It will also make it more difficult to grow your channel.

Choose a topic that you are able to produce content for a long period of time. Don’t post news. You can’t post news on these channels. Information is duplicated and users read 1 to 3 news sources.

Make sure you design your channel in a visually appealing way. This is how:

1. Make a name that is unique

Creative naming can help you attract attention and stand out from your competitors. The name itself can become a brand.

Good channel name:

  • It reflects the details of the blog.
  • contains a keyword;
  • It is easy to understand.
  • attire l’attention.

2. Write a sales description

The channel description is what users read and they decide whether or not to subscribe. Consider why your target audience should read you and what it will do for them. Describe how your channel differs from other channels, the benefits it offers, and how it solves problems.

3. Make a beautiful photo

You can use stock photos for an avatar but it is best to order it from someone who has the ability to design it. Although it’s not very expensive, it will make your avatar stand out.

It is highly desirable that the avatar:

  • Be comprehensible and reflect specificities
  • Included contrasting colors
  • It was obvious, especially if it was a personal photograph.

4. Write multiple messages

It is not a good idea to attract or liquidate subscribers to an empty channel. You can post messages there. You can choose from one or more formats. You can write:

  • instructions;
  • analytic;
  • Personal opinion
  • checklists;
  • cas;
  • Collections (condensed);
  • Tips for daily life
  • reflections;
  • Entertainment content, such as memes and gifs.

Telegram allows messages to be as long or short as you like, but quality is the priority. Keep in mind that shorter posts are more likely to be seen because they fit perfectly on the screen.

How to Promote a Telegram Channel for Free

1. Invite friends to join you

Send messages to your contacts with a channel invitation. Do not write “Join the group, here is the link”. Briefly describe what you write and what is the benefit of subscribing. Post a similar message on your social media page.

Friends of contacts and other sites will become your first live subscribers who will give impetus to the development of the channel.

2. Add a channel to Tgstat

By itself, adding TgstatComment will not help the promotion. Catalogs have long ceased to work, users do not search for channels in them. But placement in such services will help to track statistics, as well as show them to owners of other channels of cooperation.

Note that new channels are automatically added to the service, but sometimes this does not happen. Then you have to add it manually.

3. Organize mutual public relations

Owners of small channels often use PR barter: they mention your channel and you mention theirs. For mutual PR to work, it is important to look for channels dealing with similar topics – the audience will be the warmest there.

You can search for channels through the same Tgstat. It has a handy directory where groups are categorized. Choose from a dozen channels and ask them for statistics. Discard those with low activity. Cooperate with others.

4. Write comments on and Yandex.Q

See the questions that users of these sites write about your topic and comment on them. Answer the question in detail and in detail, and at the end give a link to your channel / post, which will give the user even more information.

Important : Answers should be meaningful and fully disclose the issue. Otherwise, the comment will not be transmitted. Also, you can’t repeat – copy-pasting won’t work.

The link is highlighted with a gray background, so it is clearly visible to the reader.

4. Use Yandex.Zen

You can write articles in Zen, which will be freely accessible to a wide audience. Recently, the site announced that the materials will be displayed in YAN, and this is the main search page, Yandex.Video, Yandex.Weather, Yandex.Mail and other Yandex projects. In addition to this network, links to articles will be published on Yandex partner sites and in mobile applications.

This means that if you write interestingly, you can quickly gain subscribers in Yandex Zen, some of whom may become subscribers to your channel.

You can add a link to a blog or a nickname in Telegram in the description of the channel, but it is better to add it to each article.

5. Write articles for websites

All you need is access to a WordPress website, and start creating articles.

6. Enable Comments

If the channel format allows it, enable discussion through comments or a separate chat. Actively participate in the discussion.

Users will see that the owner of the channel is not hiding, but on the contrary, is interested in his subscribers. This will help you build trust with your current audience as well as channel guests, which will help increase engagement.

Telegram Channel Paid Promotion

Purchase announcements

This is the most effective way to promote a channel in Telegram, allowing you to quickly get a large number of targeted subscribers. To do this, you need to find several promoted channels that will place an advertising message with a link to your channel.

Here it is important to find blogs that have a lively, not bloated audience. When consulting the statistics, you should be alerted:

  • The audience rises and falls abruptly.
  • Posts get the most views on the second day without ads.
  • ER is too low (less than 8%) or too high (from 60%).

Agree with the owners of the channel on advertising, namely: who writes the advertising message, how long it stays on top and, of course, how much it costs.

Once an advertisement has been published, it must be evaluated. Calculate how much a subscriber of each channel costs. Also decide which blogs perform best and add them to the list. You can collaborate with them later.

Take part in the selections

These are articles in which the authors suggest subscribing to several Telegram channels. There are thematic, non-thematic, large, small (up to 5 channels) channels.

Participation in collections is less expensive than a full-fledged advertising position. You can access it in three ways:

  • Find several administrators and agree on the mutual placement of collections. It is best to post collections on different days.
  • Pay for a place in the selection in groups where administrators provide such a service.
  • Wait for the directors themselves to hit the PM with a proposal for placement in the selection.

Do not participate in thematic collections. Users don’t want 5 identical channels, so they will subscribe to 1 2, not the fact that yours. Also, do not place in large collections not in the first places.

Launch a contest via a bot

Find a contest bot (you can use the Tegive ) and create a contest there. The mechanics are simple: you configure the bot and prescribe the conditions. For example, you need to be subscribed to your channel and bring a friend to the bot using a special link. The Bot itself will prescribe a serial number for each participant, determine the winner and notify them of the prize.

You can partner with other chains to make the price more expensive. You can also advertise the contest on other channels.

Important : Always test bots before making a draw. Some of them are buggy, for example, they send a message about winning to multiple users, although there is only one prize.


There are few opportunities to promote the Telegram channel. The focus should be on quality content, mutual public relations and paid advertising. This is what will help you grow your audience.

Of course, don’t forget to run analytics and see which tools, topics, and post formats perform best. Look for the best solutions with which you can be promoted in Telegram.