How to store figs? – Easy gardening

The first figs will appear in August. You can then enjoy them all fall. The fig tree usually offers a rich harvest. But what to do with all these figs once they are harvested? Here are all the tips for storing figs.

1) Figs for harvest

Harvested figs should be succulent and fragrant. They should also be soft and the tail should be firm. Harvest takes place in the summer, but only in August do they reach full maturity.

2) Dried figs

Dried fruits are known to keep for a very long time. Dry the figs by placing them under running water and then pat dry. Cut the fruit in half lengthwise and put in the sun. Turn them regularly until they turn brown. Once the fruits are browned, bake them in a 180-degree oven for 15 minutes. It is ready!

Authors: SherSor / iStock

3) Freezing

Figs freeze very easily. Clean them, cut them in half lengthwise and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Put the plate in the freezer for 24 hours and put the fruit in the freezer bags. So they don’t stay together.

4) Hillo

Like most fruits, jam is a good compromise when the crop has been plentiful. Wash the fruits, dry them, peel and cut them into pieces. Pour 1 kg of sugar per 1 kg of fruit into the pan. Cook for 7 minutes and fill airtight jars.

5) Canned food

It is possible to store whole figs in jars. Choose fruit without cracks and ripe enough. Put them in a container filled with water. Add a little icing sugar and cook for 3 minutes. Then simply place them in sterilized and airtight jars.