How to store olives? 3 techniques to implement

The olives are part of the Mediterranean cuisine. They are used in all kinds of recipes: tapenade, focaccia, cake, tajineā€¦ However, they taste best in plain or salad. But how do you store and make freshly picked olives? Here are 3 techniques to implement.

1) Olives in brine

To prepare the olives in brine, soak them in a water basin for two weeks. Be careful, the water must be changed every day to avoid bacteria. This removes the bitterness of the olives. After these two weeks, drain and dry the olives.

Get airtight and sterilized jars (boil the jars in hot water). Put the olives there. Then prepare brine by boiling 1 liter of water per 100 grams of olives. Add aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, cloves, etc. to the water. Stop cooking and simmer. Once the product has cooled, pour it into the jars and close tightly. You can store these jars in a cool, dark place.

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2) Olives in oil

To preserve the olives in oil, you need to start with the soaking step as described above. Soak your olives for two weeks in a pool of water to get rid of bitterness. After drying, put them in airtight jars. Add the aromatic herbs (of your choice) directly to the jars, but also the garlic, paprika, pepper seeds or coriander to your liking.

Finally, add the olive oil on top and close the jars. You can store them in a cool, dark place. You have to wait at least two months before you can taste them to enjoy the marinade.

olive oil
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3) Olives in the ashes

This technique may seem surprising, but it is a traditional method widely used in the Provence region. This removes the bitterness of green olives and is very effective.

To make it, all you need to do is get the ash (e.g. from the fireplace), sift it and store it in a container. Then add water to a smooth paste. Add the green olives and stir the product every day for a week.

To check the olives, take one out, clean it and ground. If it is still bitter, leave the olives to macerate for a while longer. If it is good, remove all the olives and clean them thoroughly to remove any ash residue. Season the olives with salt water or seasoned oil!

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