Keep your plant after Christmas and make it bloom again

Poinsettia, also called christmas star, points to the tip of the nose during the holiday season. All dressed in red and green, it adds to the festive atmosphere by blending in perfectly with the interior. Although its bracts are usually red, there are white, pink, yellow, creamy white, salmon and sometimes even variegated varieties. As for the leaves, they are always bright green. And if a poinsettia usually growls after a holiday, that’s no reason to throw it away! On the contrary, with a few gestures it is even possible to make it bloom again on another Christmas! Check out all our tips to give a poinsettia a second life.

You should know that in its natural environment, Mexico, a poinsettia can easily reach a height of 2 meters and sometimes more! In France, it is usually grown in pots and is quite a dwarf in size. This makes it a wonderful table decoration plant during the holidays.

Measures to keep the poinsettia alive

When flowering ends right after your vacation, don’t throw it in the trash! Place the plant in place for it to recover in a cool room from January then water at regular intervals until spring.

Authors: Timofey Zadvornov / iStock

Then, when the beautiful season is over, reduce watering considerably. The plant enters a growth break as soon as the first leaves begin to fall. Stop all watering at this point. The earth must remain dry throughout the month.

Cut the plant at the end of this month quite short about 10 cm. Then continue watering and move the poinsettia to a warmer place between 15 and 23 ° C. The plant will appreciate good moisture in regular baths (water should be at room temperature), but be careful never to leave standing water in the container. In addition, the room should be very bright.

The plant is also possible to place out between May and September, if temperatures are mild, and add a little fertilizer during the summer.

Hint to make the poinsettia blush again

If you like challenges, here is one! Making poinsettia shields red is certainly not an easy task. However, if you want to see it a second time at the Christmas table, here are a few tips.

First, the poinsettia only reveals its color when the days are short. So I have to Avoid exposing to direct sunlight and even exposes it to daylight. In September, set it in natural light for 10 hours lock him in the closet in in complete darkness for 14 hours ! This means it will be put in the dark around 6pm and taken out the next morning at 8am. Do this during this time eight weeks.

After these eight weeks, take care of your plant normally while maintaining the temperature 15-18 degrees overnight. After all this, you should see the poinsettia blooming again this Christmas!