Make fertilizer from dead leaves

To enrich your garden, it is better to use natural fertilizer. Making your own natural fertilizer is really good for the planet, but also for your wallet. In addition, your crop will only grow! This dautumn nature gives you everything you need. In fact, dead leaves are rich in nutrients and minerals. They play an essential role in the formation of humus. Learn how to make fertilizer from dead leaves.

How to make fertilizer from dead leaves?

As soon as the leaves have left the branches of the trees, rake them and pile them in a plastic container, a large garbage bag, or simply a corner of the garden.

Then just let the dead leaves break down. The time is quite long, as it takes 18-24 months for them to completely break down. This time allows the development of minerals and nutrients.

After this time, your fertilizer is ready for use. All you have to do is decide where and how to use it.

dead leaves
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How to use dead leaf fertilizer?

Fertilizer from dead leaves settles to the surface. Above all, don’t bury it underground. Humus develops naturally in contact with the soil by activating the microorganisms present.

To impregnate your lawn with fertilizer, you can run the soil cutter directly over fallen leaves.

You can also add this fertilizer to your compost before decomposing while adding organic waste. After a year, you have a fresh, high-quality fertilizer!

The fertilizer goes out

Dead leaves are not just fertilizer. You can really make mold on the feet of your plants to protect them from the cold, frost of winter, but also from the drought in summer!

Do not collect all the leaves in the fall as they will also act as shelter for small garden animals such as hedgehogs or birds.

Be careful not to use the leaves of diseased trees. You could endanger your garden and your crops. For example, avoid spotted leaves.