TOP 11 Passive income on the Internet

To build a source of passive income through the Internet certain investment options will be required. Of obviously, this will be far less expensive than real estate, which can cost million of dollars. However, investing with passive streams of income through the Internet will always be required. They could be financial investments or investments that take the form of time and also investments that help you increase the level of your education.

To earn a certain amount of money via the Internet it is necessary to have the right amount of abilities and capabilities.

There are several ways to earn an income from home:

Earn money through your own website

In order to begin earning cash, your website must be advertised and receive enough visitors. It is possible to earn revenue from ads through your website. You can put contextual advertisements in the form of ads blocks that relate to the subject of your resource. The more people who visit the site take a look at the contextual advertisements the more profit to the website owner.

The amount of revenue earned can be affected by the positioning of advertisement blocks, the amount of people who visit the site each day, as well as how popular the website theme. Additionally, the owner of the website is able to earn money by putting up banners, or other kinds of ads.

Partner programs

Affiliate programs let you increase the sales of specific items or products. In the affiliate program you will receive an affiliate link given, which is followed by prospective buyers of a product or service.

Each time a sale is made using the affiliate hyperlink, a profit is earned by way of a specific percent of the cost of the product or service. Some businesses have tiered affiliate programs which allow you to boost your earnings through the affiliate program.

Reference systems

Earn money from registrations of users by making use of your referral link in certain projects. In these types of projects, to make money users need to complete certain tasks. The more referrals they have and the most active, more the amount of money earned.

There are a few methods to increase the number of referrals:

  • Texts can be placed with an affiliate link on your website along with advertising banners. But, to ensure that your work is effective it is essential that your site is properly visible.
  • You can boost your referral site’s reach you receive by using social media networks. Affiliate links can be posted in communities or groups.
  • Paid advertisement on social media and websites. The possibility exists for specific payment to consent to the positioning of an affiliate link on sites as well as in communities or groups on social networks.
  • Youtube. You can add an affiliate link in the videos you upload to your channel.
  • Purchase of various kinds of advertisements. You can advertise your sponsored link on large advertising networks.


If users have specific knowledge and experience in a particular area, they can create an informational course that can help them generate income. To create an information product, you do not need to spend a lot of money, and you can put effort and time once, and then earn money after each sale of the information course. One of the most popular on the Internet are training courses in a specific field of activity.

Earnings on photo stocks

This type of income is suitable for those who like to take pictures. There are sites on the Internet called photo stocks, where you can earn money from your photos. The more photos users post on these sites, the higher their potential earnings can be. This will create a source of passive income, because after each sale of the published photo, users will receive a certain reward or a percentage of the cost of the photo.

Write an e-book

With certain knowledge, users can write an e-book on various topics. Preparing and creating a book may take some time, but every sale of that book will generate revenue for its author. You can promote your own e-book on your site, as well as on sites that sell books on this subject.


Investing on the Internet is the riskiest way to generate passive income. Beginners often lose their invested funds in the form of investments, because they paid attention only to the profitability of the project and did not at all take into account the existing risks in the investment.

In order to receive income from investments, certain skills and the ability to correctly calculate risks will be required. The higher the expected return on investment, the higher the level of risk. Therefore, before investing in an investment project, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the existing risks.

Resale Services

For this type you will need a sales site or a group or community in social networks to promote certain services. After that, it is necessary to agree with a specialist in a certain field, which, for example, includes repair or the creation and design of websites, etc. You can pay him a certain amount of salary per month or a certain percentage of the volume of services provided.

Social networks

If users have a sufficiently promoted page or group on social media, they can earn money by placing ads, promoting various products, or placing links in a specific affiliate program. However, to win normally, you need a sufficient number of participants or subscribers. This may require sufficient time and may also require the expenditure of funds.

You can increase the membership of your social media groups or communities by agreeing to advertise with the owners of other popular communities for a fee on the same topics.

You can also negotiate with other groups who have approximately the same number of subscribers for the mutual placement of advertisements in their communities aimed at increasing the number of subscribers. You can organize various contests that will help increase the popularity of a group or community on social networks.


Users can purchase various information products with the rights to their subsequent resale. After that, you can sell these information products and every time you sell it, earn a full profit.

Earn reviews

Every day on the Internet a large number of users read various reviews of services or products. You can earn reviews on writing exchanges, which host the task of writing various reviews. The advertiser designates the place where the opinion must be deposited and specifies the price of its writing. There are also sites on the Internet that pay users for writing and posting reviews. The more reviews users write, the more they earn. This will create a source of passive income, since on these sites the income depends on the number of views of the opinions posted.