Soon winter, what tools to take care of your garden?

Winter is the season when the cold is at its peak. So he is necessary to protect garden plants so that they can retain their luster during the spring. Find some tools that are important to you here you need in your garden in the winter.

Pruning and cutting tools

Some tools are usually recommended cut the plants to the garden so that they are in top condition after the winter. Of these very useful tools, we have in particular: cutters, a cutter, a hedge trimmer and a pruning knife.


The mower is a tool that allows you to perform qualifiers. It is indeed a scissor-shaped and fairly robust tool that allows you to cut the branches of small shrubs manually.

This tool is a must for anyone who wants to manage their garden during the summer season. With scissors you can easily cut green trees or rising branches. This is how the plant takes on a new shape in the spring.

In order to use it properly, the cutter blade must be at the level of the branch to be well cleared. This will prevent damage to the branch to be cut. Choose a particular oblique cut. This is the best way to avoid the risk of dripping.


The grater is a very useful tool for any gardener who is concerned about the good condition of their lawn. A device in the shape of a lawnmower with nails or knives, the sacrifice is used to make cuts to the ground a few millimeters. It is usually used to clean surfaces such as soil and grass and to remove dead leaves, roots and the like.

This device is usually used in two seasons: spring and fall, just before the onset of winter. Depending on the surface of your garden, you can choose either a manual hardener, an electric hardener or a heat tiller.

The manual model is suitable for small areas, while the thermal model is suitable for very large areas (over 500 m²). As for electrical hardening, it is used on medium-sized surfaces (between 50 m² and 500 m²). In addition, it should be remembered that an ideal hardener with a collection box would be ideal. This saves the hassle of picking up.

Hedge mower

A hedge trimmer is a tool that, as the name implies, can be used to trim hedgerows to promote their growth or for maintenance purposes. The range includes motorized hedge trimmers (electric and thermal) as well as manual hedge trimmers. This tool is very useful in the care of hedges in winter.

Manual hedge trimmers are effective for small shrubs or for minimal pruning before winter. When it comes to motorized hedge trimmers, they are much faster, more efficient and very practical. Thanks to their sliding toothed blades, these devices ensure very precise pruning of shrubs and bushes.

shrub cutting
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bill hook

The trimmer is a garden tool that resembles a curved knife with a very wide and sharp blade. It is used for cutting, brushing or cutting fruit trees and small branches.

With a pruning knife you can prune bushy plants before the start of the winter season. However, be very careful when sharpening the twig hook so as not to hurt yourself. In addition, it is usually recommended to use a cut stone to sharpen the knife.

gardening tools

Maintenance tools are usually used to keep your garden clean before and during the winter. These include rake or broom, leaf vacuum and grelinette.

With rake or leaf brush, you can get rid of the dead leaves that cover the garden just before winter. These tools, often very light, do not damage the ground or lawn.

What comes to leaf blower vacuum, it requires even less effort from you than a rake or leaf brush. It also saves a lot of time compared to granule. What these different tools have in common is that they allow you to clean your garden before winter comes.

What comes to grelinette, it is a tool that allows you to aerate the soil and remove it without turning it around. This measure is very important before the onset of winter because it allows the soil to maintain its ecosystem and fertility.

Grelinette is also widely used in organic gardening because it has a clear advantage over traditional shovels. Usually with a grelinet with four forks, you can make the necessary adjustments before the winter season.