The most popular company to invest on

This article will discuss the most lucrative business models in Russia. The preferred business is the most profitable. It is true that it is. But not always. Every business must have a demand. You will need to find a demand for your business if it isn’t there. Maybe after seeing the enormous profits, this business will bring, your perspective will change.

Profitability models

  • Repayment. This means that the money spent on starting and promoting the company should be repaid quickly.
  • Request. You must have customers who are interested in your product or service.
  • You will need a small investment. Small investment.
  • Investment efficiency. All investments must be justified.

Profitable companies

You can make the most of your money by investing as little as possible. This is a valid point. The faster money comes back, the less you invest. A typical business creates its own company. While profit can be very high, it will also require a lot to invest.

What should private entrepreneurs do next?

According to statistics, the best business ideas in Russia are:

  • The most in-demand items are food, alcohol, clothing, and cosmetics. Selling finished products as intermediaries between the buyer and manufacturer is the best way to make money.
  • Offer real estate services. Work for yourself, not the state of an agency
  • Earnings building. The repair is not the end in itself. It’s the creation of a professional team to perform high-quality repairs that the customer will be able to pay.
  • You can use your investments in bigger areas if you have substantial capital. You could open a cafe or restaurant.

Russia Small Business Opportunities

Each year, there are more private entrepreneurs. However, starting a business can be difficult. Small businesses account for more than 60% of Russian businesses.

The percentage of small businesses

  1. All types of goods are available for trade – 50%
  2. Transport sector – 10%
  3. Natural resources – 9.5%
  4. Construction, repair – 9%
  5. Private production facilities – 7%
  6. Agriculture and forestry – 6%
  7. Hospitality – 5%
  8. Catering establishment – 3%.

Most Wanted Company

It is natural that the most sought-after job is one with the highest demand. There will be a lot of demand for services such as those provided by various advertising agencies, social support institutions, and educational institutions. These areas are highly profitable and have stable earnings.

You need to have a compelling and unique idea that will appeal to customers in order for your business to succeed.

These businesses are profitable between 85-90%. The main expenses go towards the development of the idea, and the analysis of its execution.

Concrete examples of profitable businesses

It is nearly impossible to predict the success rate of 100 percent. We will therefore consider existing, successful ideas that are well-known worldwide.


Jeffrey Bezos owns the online store. It’s a very profitable business. This store helped Jeffrey become one of the most successful people on the planet. Its total profit was 70.3 billion dollars. It is interesting to note that Amazon began selling books and only three hundred thousand dollars was invested in its development. This online store is well-known all over the globe.


Ferrero Roshen;
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It’s a surprise that Kinder is so popular.

Ferrero makes many other sweets. Michel Ferrero, an Italian businessman, founded it. Its capital is more than six hundred billion rubles. This businessman’s success was due to simple chocolate butter. It became something unique and delicious.

Storage boxes

This idea was conceived by Brad Hughes. Its profit is approximately two hundred billion rubles. Public Storage allows you to leave your luggage at specialized locations. This service is available in 30 countries.


Ty Warner made stuffed animals, which earned him his capital of one hundred forty-six trillion rubles. This business is one of the most profitable. Beanie Babie makes a product you will not see twice. It’s also very expensive. The cost of a toy ranges from ten to sixty thousand rubles. It is worth noting that a single toy costs only six hundred rubles.


Red Bull

This energy drink was created by Kaleo Juvidich and Dietrich Mateschitz. Their capital is one hundred billion and ten million rubles.

Sugared almond

Hans Riegel and Paul Riegel created candies in many shapes, types and tastes. These sweets are extremely popular and delicious. There are over two hundred sixty species of these sweets in the world. Each founder has 1.5 billion dollars as capital.


Twelve thousand Starbucks stores make up the famous chain. Howard Schultz invented it and made $1.1 billion.

How to make your business more profitable

  1. Make a table listing the benefits and costs.
  2. Motivate and develop your employees constantly
  3. Be sure that there aren’t thieves in your production
  4. Identify the leaders in each industry sector
  5. Advertise. Advertise.
  6. Subordinates are motivated to do high-quality work by a good salary.
  7. Employ an accountant.

We can draw the conclusion that the best business will satisfy buyers and fulfill the natural needs of customers.

But, don’t forget to have fun while running your business. Profit is meaningless if work isn’t enjoyable.

Despite the simplicity of everyday tasks, success can still be achieved by using them. It is important to remember that these or those things are not common and no one can use what is already there.