Top 10 business ideas without investment in 2022

Every business needs to invest! But who said this rule cannot be broken? Here, we’ve put together for you suggestions that don’t require any investment all over the world and will be in place by the year 2022! Let’s look.


The best way to earn more money is for Property to be sold. As an agent for real estate, you do not need to put in much cash. It opens the door to your profitable business!

Once you’ve had enough experience, you’ll be able to start the doors of your personal real estate company, recruit employees and pay them a proportion of transactions. It is the one who is in charge in this phase but it’s to establish the calls using ads.

Creating a Youtube Channel

Youtube is not just an entertainment website but is also an actual business. Earnings from a YouTube channel are among the top lucrative online business. Video bloggers who are new to the business can earn up to 300 dollars per monthand earn the income of Youtube celebrities has been calculated to be thousands of dollars.

Anyone can be a blogger. Start your own channel on YouTube and today, you could even be as a child! Our 10-year-old daughter is currently making 2000 dollars. Each month on the channel for children. The channel is now offering every month more than $1000 and that’s not the end of the line!

We believe that this is among the most efficient ways to start your own business. It is possible to start with a chain as entertainment then it will grow into a genuine advertising business. A large chain will always have many promotional offers. And you begin quite normal smartphone.

It is crucial to remember that a lot of videos receive millions of viewsBecause they possess an amusing characters. The channel will begin to pay the first payment when you’ve reached 1,000 members for the channel.

Businesses on websites

Construction site activity is highly profitable and a great opportunity. For instance, we have hundreds of websites that every month bring cash in traffic. Some of them to places that make more than 500-1000 dollars each month. Earn money by the monetization of search engine traffic! Also, it is for the ads that users are exposed to.

We wrote a post about this on our Vkontakte blog titled “Free Business”.

A lot of online business owners today run hundreds of websites and earn revenue from advertisements many thousands. Most of us are able to do this, and it’s not difficult to master.Today There are a lot of pre-designed business models available on the Internet.

Naturally it takes some time to build and distribute the resource and the more it will in the market, the greater his revenue will be. Sites with high traffic make money from affiliate programs, as well as the placing advertising banners or links, as well as paid content. When you are able to do it correctly an online site that has a an average of 1000 visitors each month will earn its owner each year the sum of 500 bucks.

Affiliate Programs

This was the very first item that we have been successful in making money from. It’s the one thing that should be the first thing to do for any business owner. In the end, if you’re not able to sell someone else’s products or services, then you’re likely to not be able to sell your own. Also, why would you invest money to begin a business when there are a plethora of partnerships to choose from. If you sell the product, you take a share.

Certain companies will offer you greater than 50 percent to market their product. All you require is to be in a position to sell and place advertisements.


We launched the first store online using the method “Dropshipping” which supposes dropping delivery by the company to its customer. There is no need to purchase products and build the warehouse. You can simply open the site and then begin SEO marketing. Search engine traffic will be the first to place orders. Earn money by investing in advertising to increase the flow of customers.

In just the span of one year, our first online store had the amount of 3000 dollars. This isn’t only a speculative figure or a story, but an actual experience.

Zen Channel

Zen is a relatively young project, is a great option for writers it’s a simple and fast way to earn to earn money. The bottom line is straightforward you write a blog and Zen offers you visitors and cash to promote your blog content.

Start by creating a channel and then draft documents on your own. It could become an actual business when you begin 3-5 channels and hiring employees. It is also possible to incorporate it into sending traffic back to your website and immediately earn money from two sources.

Group Buy Organizer

I was quite skeptical about this idea, but for more than 5 years while my wife is still using the services group purchases. I confess! It’s really convenient and the price is always below the market.

The group purchase organizer undertakes on wholesale price with the seller, in order to then offer an important delivery to their customers. Moreover, it does not need a warehouse, employees or large investments in goods. All goods are pre-ordered by customers and paid for immediately. It is important to build trust and collect feedback.

The best advertising engine, of course, is social media and word of mouth.


This type of service is in high demand, especially in large and medium cities. Start to work by yourself, in the future, you can open your own living room or organize a service call a home massage therapist.

You only need to pass professional coaching or rent several specialists. You can find clients through the Internet, using social networks. or, through medical institutions, by posting advertisements therein.

Studio Smm and Independent

In today’s world, there are many online projects that someone maintains and develops. Any owner of a project, however average, almost always needs quality writing services for texts, messages, dialogues with customers, etc. How to make it a business without investments? Here is a little story.

In the 2009 year, we met a Ukrainian who was making money using texts. He wrote to order penny texts for site owners, businesses, and others. A few years later, he already had his own studio with 10 employees and he transferred his customers’ orders.

It’s no secret that on the Internet a lot of things are decided by recommendations and Word of mouth. If you type a number of customers, then you will receive orders for a long time. When the number of customers is more than you can handle, you can safely to increase the price and hire assistants.

Create audiobooks

It is not only an interesting and exciting activity but also quite a profitable source of income audiobooks are rapidly gaining popularity and are being actively purchased by listeners.

To create your own sound library is necessary to be able to read expressively, and have good diction and the necessary equipment. It is best to start with a subject or a certain genre. Choose popular works to ensure a stable income.