Top 12 best-selling products in 2022

You want to create a profitable business in 2022. It’s natural to ask “what product should I sell?”. We have chosen the 12 most sought-after new products. These products can be brought to market by you as the first to use niche data.

Square pillow

The developers claim that this pillow is the perfect shape . This pillow will be a hit in the healthy sleeping market.

If you do the marketing right, anyone can be convinced that you are right. The announcement will attract lots of attention!

The perfect pillow for the neck and head, the developers created it. The comfortable position for the head and neck is all night. It is ideal for everyone, even pregnant women. You can also take the square pillow with you on your travels.

This niche is your chance to be a pioneer. Either you can produce your own pillows or look for overseas suppliers and open your store. A square pillow costs $40 from American manufacturers. This business idea can be profitable by finding overseas suppliers and opening your own store.

Eco-friendly toys

This toy is a great choice for anyone who is concerned about their baby’s health.

These toys are made from coconut flax fibers, rice husks and sawdust. This business idea is highly sought after!

These toys, according to American developers are fun for children aged 3 years old and help develop motor skills. These toys have the best properties toys for children: safety and skill development.

You could be the first to bring this idea. This can be done by running an ad campaign. You can collect preorders from parents’ and kids’ shops and arrange delivery.

Meditation Cushion

The new smart pillow is a self-contained application that helps you achieve the best results in meditation.

The pillow was presented at a New York exhibition and received rave reviews 600. This product is unlikely to be seen again.

meditation cushion

The pillow collects your bio-information and, via the app, gives the best recommendations for personal meditation. You will achieve greater calm, clarity, focus, and balance in the comfort of your home.

Pillow cost $134 profitability will be 50 to 80%.

Eternal Pen

It is a reliable, flat and durable handle. Ideal for daily wear in your pocket or notebook.

The pen is made from machined titanium and contains a high quality cartridge that never dries out or leaks. An excellent gift for the business segment and not only.

Pen price from $50.

The rod is delivered in 15 colors and has several diameters. They are designed not to leak. The manufacturer has tested them for over two years and has achieved great success in this field. Also, the developers give the possibility to all wholesale buyers to place their logo on the handles.

This item will sell well through the Internet and social network networks.

Plant sensor

How many times have you stood in front of the dried-up remains of your plant and wondered, “What was wrong?” “.

With this sensor, you won’t have such questions, because it measures soil moisture, nutritional level, light intensity and temperature. All this is shown In the app on a phone that works via Bluetooth.

plant sensor

The cost of the sensor for a plant – from 15 euro, you can sell it in 2 times more expensive. Typically, there are multiple colors in a house, so multiple sensors can be sold to one customer.

This product can be sold to flower lovers, as well as make offers in plant stores.

Eco-smart incubator

This incubator can grow up to 90 types of fruits and vegetables simultaneously!

It has automatic watering and does not need the sun! Just enjoy your own garden at home! Thanks to the incubator, you can harvest each month.

Very good product for those who drive a healthy lifestyle. You can contact the developers and sell their product, or you can start your own production by buying a copy to copy.

The cost of the device from the manufacturer is over $200. You can sell this miracle of technology from 500 dollars and more, which is a good profit.

Retro objects

Very popular lately retro things. They are actively sold and bought on Internet sites.

Things are most in demand the era of the ussr, as well as many crazy 90s.

For example, clothing and footwear, souvenirs, toys, audio-video equipment and other equipment.

Retro things

You can create a group of retro things on social networks and Instagram, even a separate site will do. You can order such things on many wholesale sites, as well as in China: Rubik’s cubes, Tetris, a magic ball, soft toys, jeans and sweaters, books, and chewing gum. Products can be sold 2-3 times more than the purchase price.

Car accessories

Automotive products can be safely called classics, but they have not lost their popularity today. Modern people spend almost half the day in the car and always want to be inside comfort. Therefore, car enthusiasts will always buy new accessories for your car, of which there are a large number on the market.

car accessories

In most cases, the goods are compact and inexpensive from suppliers. Moreover, these products are popular all year round, so you can start selling at any time.

You can create a small Online Store or, even, an Instagram group, set up an advertising campaign and launch your own business.

Interactive Toys

are in high demand for smart toys that help children develop. Most parents understand the benefits of such things.

Every year new fashionable interactive toys appear, for which caring mothers and fathers do not spare money.

Interactive toys

The main thing is to choose really interesting and quality things and then there will be no problems with sales, especially during the periods before the holidays.

You can find new interactive toy ideas from toy suppliers, websites drop shipping, as well as on Chinese sites. These toys are best sold through social media if properly targeted to communities mothers with young children. Enjoy a toy – 100-150%.

Ecological garden

Another ecological garden, which is a combination a smart miniature greenhouse and a self-cleaning aquarium. In fact, I think it’s new boom in the green goods industry. Today, more and more products are labeled “eco”.

The niche is just emerging, the competition is minimal! Who will be the first, has long carved out a place for itself in this field!

Ecological garden

Eco garden works on technology aquaponics. A natural symbiosis of fish and plants is created. That’s why vegetables become even healthier and tastier. Eco gardens are monitored by a smartphone app and you can be anywhere in the world.

Price – from $550, the cost of selling the retail garden – from 900 to 1000 dollars, almost twice as much! Create a website, describe how the device works, and you will have a lot of customers.

Natural cosmetics

The number of connoisseurs of natural cosmetics grows every day. cosmetic products based on natural ingredients are considered safe and effective. The ingredients that form the basis of these eco-products have exclusively natural origins and no chemicals or other additives are used in their processing.

Today, many families prefer to use natural cosmetics, and the demand for such care products is growing and among men.

natural cosmetics

you can take care of production such cosmetics: creams, lotions, homemade soaps, balms, etc. Or you can find several manufacturers of different types of cosmetics and create a small construction site Or an Instagram group. Make sure to add positive product reviews that will attract the most audience. The profitability of each installation is generally – 80-100%.


Interesting product from the region “Eco”. A real garden with its own ecosystem in your home!

This ecosystem uses beneficial microbesto reliably grow delicious foods, including vegetables, herbs and berries, in a shelf-sized space.

With a mobile app Grove operating system, you will be able to control and automate your ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s price will be $500 you can also sell it for 2x more expensive. This is because they register to buy fruits or vegetables. The website and Instagram allow you to sell merchandise.

How to choose the right product for your startup

I hope you found something that interests you and are ready to start your own business. Remember, profitability is the most important element of any business. Therefore it is crucial to select the right product and invest in it.

If you see a lucrative niche that isn’t well-known and feel like you can start your own business, don’t hesitate to get started. You should consider starting a business if it seems profitable and promising to you.