Top 16 Best Business Ideas for 2022

The world doesn’t stand at a standstill, and every day, thousands of companies open and shut. In this document, you will discover the most intriguing and practical business concepts that could be implemented in 2022. A few suggestions that I have personally experienced (author).

Business ideas that require the least investment

This section provides the top ideas to start a company that doesn’t require large capital expenditures.


1. Window filters

Window filters clean the air outside and let fresh air enter the home, while also ventilating the rooms, and shielding the space from noise, dust and drafts. Filters like this are required for every house. First, it is recommended to put in filters in your bedrooms and the children’s rooms, because they are the rooms in which people spend most of their time and get to sleep. 

Filters are easy to mount on windows. The installation of one filter in one space costs 1000-2000 dollars, that is, the majority of residents in our country are able to afford these services.

Distributing these products is a possibility and earn up to 30 percent. Your customers could be families with children who are small or kindergartens and schools as well as educational institutions, sports complexes and medical institutions. You can sell products directly to them, or via the Internet.

2. Table shelves are produced using HTML0.

Because of the high price in real estate a lot of modern families reside in tiny apartment. Particularly for these apartments, transformer furniture was developed. With these furnitures you can comfortably live even in cramped spaces.

For instance, a shelf-table . Imagine that, with a single motion of your hands, the shelves changes into a table. In the background, there is a place to work entertain guests, and deal with kids.In its standard configuration it is made up of multiple shelves, each one over one another. If you have guests visiting or you wish to work from home, the shelves transform into the table’s top. They’re made to be arranged in a way that when folded, they turn into a comfortable table.

It is possible to make a profit with this business concept since you are not likely to face competition. All you require to begin is high-end materials and tools.

Businesses can be managed within the garage. It is possible to invest up to 10000 dollars. Find your first customers with your friends at shops for furniture, household goodsstores and also in furniture stores online.

3. Mini-saunas are placed on balconies of apartment buildings

Everybody knows that saunas are beneficial to the human body however not everyone has time to go to saunas on a regular basis. This is why we are able to provide people with the manufacturing of sauna cabins right on balconies.

If you are offered an application for the construction of saunas, you can visit the website. Then, you will make all the measurements, purchase the material , and build it by yourself or with a contractor.

A sauna typically costs about 1-2 thousands of dollars . The cost of materials will be three to four thousands of dollars. The time spent by the master is approximately 10000 years . The remainder is your percentage.

In this area advertising ads that include photos of mini-saunas that have been installed in apartment buildings is effective. effectively.4. Sewing toys for the interior

Interior toys are never going out of style. They are gifts for adults as well as children. Famous big giraffe made by the American company “Melissa and Doug” is very popular. 140cm tall, the giraffe adorns the rooms of children. It’s bought in a flash, particularly during holidays, birthdays anniversary, new year and so on. The biggest toy are always gorgeous elegant, fashionable, and come with some twist.

It is possible to create large and beautiful toys for your interior. Select any theme, small and big characters, animals television shows, etc.

You can begin an enterprise with a minimum investment of as much as 800 dollars. In order to begin, you’ll require materials and equipment to cut and sew.

The price of one toy is around 100 dollars. You can also sell it at a price of 200 dollars.

In addition, the giraffe that we spoke about in the beginning, is about two thousand dollars in the stores. The giraffe is sold out within several hours. So, your toys could also be popular. Production can be managed in your home.

To draw customers in, Instagram will be effective with a gorgeously created storefront, vibrant photos or videos with toys.

5. Tattoos on the voice

It’s unlikely to be a surprise for anyone with your ordinary tattoos today however, voice-sound tattoos could be a new idea and successful business concept to tattooists.

The basic idea is that you first take a voice recording of a beloved one, their laughter, song – yes, everything. Then, the recorded voice is transformed to a drawing before being put in the hand or another part that is part of your body. The recorded image on the body is recreated by scanning the image using skin motion. skin Motion application .

To begin first, you must upload your audio on the website of the application, and then the image will be created by the recording. Then you’ll be directed to the tattoo master who will be chosen by the same system.

So, if you’re looking to perform tattoos like this then you must become certified. To become a certified expert through this website. go through the information on the specific resource. A business like this can start starting from scratch, if you have passed the test.

Tattoos can cost anywhere up to 60 to 100 dollars This is an extremely profitable business. It is recommended to advertise on the Internet in addition to set up your Instagram account and upload your work on Instagram.

New business ideas for 2022

6. Solar tiles

solar tile

In addition, the tile is much lighter than usual, very durable, quickly mounted, has many colors, and protects the house from precipitation and cold wind.

This product will be relevant for owners of country houses and cottages, suburban areas. Manufacturer – Germany, warranty – from 5 years.

You can find a wholesale supplier of solar roof tiles and set up your shop. For advertising, you will need to create your own website, it will cost you 2-5 thousand dollars, plus there will be advertising costs, in total, the cost of starting a business will be 10 thousand dollars. The business will pay off in 8-10 months because there are more and more people who want to purchase this roof.

7. Optimus – 3D printer transformer

This is an original machine from Sweden, which performs the functions of 3 types of equipment at once: a laser engraver, a CNC machine, and a laser 3D printer. Moreover, the machine is easily transformed into these types of equipment in less than 10 minutes.

The 3D printer can work with different types of materials, CNC is suitable for wood, acrylic, and aluminum, on the engraver you can easily work with leather and aluminum. The Optimus machine is very compact and easy to disassemble.

You can start such a business in your garage or even at home because you will have enough space of 5 square meters. You can, for example, start engraving logos, pictures, and photos.

You can also produce various products to order – figurines, souvenirs, figurines, and all kinds of decorative items. The price of the equipment is about 2 thousand dollars. You can search for clients for your services via the Internet, social network groups, and business forums. Also, create an Instagram account and post photos of your products there.

8. 3D projection for a wedding

3D mapping technology allows you to create animated beautiful images on moving and static objects. A bride’s dress, a wedding cake,or  a newlyweds’ photo zone can be transformed with the help of this technology.

The animated show is mesmerizing and turns ordinary things into magical ones. This technology is also widely used at concerts, shows and other festive events.

You can purchase this equipment and rent it out or provide this service yourself. You can buy a projector and other equipment for 8 thousand dollars, plus you will still need to purchase a package with a program and animations, the cost of which starts from 1-5 thousand dollars.

However, it is possible to recoup the costs in 2-3 months, because of the prices for a 3D projection start from 1-2 thousand dollars. for a standard script, and for the development of an individual story – much higher.9. Mini-bakery of gluten-free bread

Gluten-free bread and other products are one of the fastest-growing categories in the bakery industry today. So, in 2020, the market for gluten-free products has already reached $6.2 billion. Increases by 7% annually. Therefore, the production of gluten-free bread is a great need in our country.

To organize your business, you need equipment: a gas or electric stove, bread molds, dough mixers, baking sheets, and other kitchen utensils.

For a mini-factory, it will be enough to buy a dough mixer for 16 liters, it costs about 1 thousand dollars. Investments will be required in total from 3,000 dollars.

You can sell products through health food stores, supermarkets,and  online health food stores. The profit from one loaf of bread will be 100%.

10. Massage Bath Mats

Now a lot of people are obsessed with their health and are trying to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle in everything. Therefore, massage bath mats will come in handy. A person will step on natural pebbles in the morning and evening. While brushing her teeth, she takes a shower, she washes her face. Pebbles carry a lot of useful energy, which will have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Rugs are easy to make.

To start production you need:

  • pebbles
  • good glue
  • rubber mat from a regular hypermarket
  • glue gun
  • scissors.

That is, you can start with an investment of 60 dollars. Making one rug will not take you much time. After gluing the pebbles, you need the glue to dry well.

You can sell such goods to your acquaintances and friends for 70 dollars. depending on the size of the mat. Many will buy them for their children, elderly parents, and for themselves! It will also be useful to launch ads on Instagram by targeting a female target audience. You can earn from 2,000 dollars .

11. Making detox juices

Various detox programs for weight loss are very popular now. All of these programs recommend daily detox juices without sugar or preservatives. Juices can replace a full snack. Widely used during fasting days. In general, the demand for products is high.

You can start production in a small room, a standard kitchen will suffice. The purchase of equipment and fruit will take 8 thousand dollars.

Fruits are needed only high quality . You will find those at wholesale bases and there you can get a good discount with constant cooperation. Initially, you can do all the work yourself. Squeeze, pack and deliver the finished product to stores.

For advertising, use a website or landing page where you place several types of juice with beautiful photos and descriptions. Cooperation with fitness centers, beauty salons, health food stores is also suitable .

12. Growing bonsai

Bonsai are dwarf trees, copies of real trees, only in smaller sizes. Many people buy them instead of indoor flowers. Bonsai are able to decorate and diversify any interior. The demand for these miracle plants is growing every year. You can use this business idea and make good money!

It takes several years to grow bonsai, but don’t despair. There are special technologies that accelerate their growth. It is not necessary to grow only bonsai and wait for them to bring money. You can do something else at the same time.

There is a complete guide to growing bonsai on the internet. In general, this is a painstaking process that brings great moral satisfaction, and tangible money in 2-3 years.

To start a business, 80-100 dollars will be enough. Grown trees can cost 7.000 dollars. It is not difficult to sell such products. There are many sources of distribution. Plant shops, the Internet, ads and forums, and in general, customers will find you!

Business ideas for 2022 that are not yet in our country

13. SHOWplus inflatable suits

For more than 2 years, SHOWplus has been successfully promoting inflatable pneumonitis of various funny animals. The costumes are 3-meter figures of cartoon characters, but despite the dimensions, the animator can easily control the figures – they can run, jump, dance, spin, and charge any event with positive.

Inflatable pneumonitis can make any holiday unforgettable!

You can purchase 1 such suit to start with, the price of which is just over $1,000. and offer to perform your character at children’s parties and parties.

The most popular costumes are Panda, Teddy bears, Pikachu, and Lion. Children and their parents will be happy to dance and take pictures next to such a character.  

1 hour of renting a pneumatic suit costs 120-200 dollars, that is, you can pay back 1 suit for about 30 events. Services can be offered directly to event agencies or run ads on Instagram with photos and videos of pneumatic robots.

14. Natural moss rugs

Natural moss bathroom rugs have a lot of advantages. They are good for human health, soft and pleasant to the touch. Every time you step on them, you will get great pleasure. Moreover, they fill the room with oxygen and decorate the interior.

Such rugs can be made at home with little or no investment . Especially if your area has a lot of natural moss. If you do not want to collect moss yourself, you can buy it. It is sold at very modest prices.

For making, you only need moss, a foam rug, scissors, and stationery. You can see in detail the various ways to make rugs on YouTube.

The finished product can be sold for 200 dollars. Just remember to give instructions to your customers when selling. The manual includes recommendations for care and watering. You can make up to 5-7 rugs on your own per day. You can sell moss rugs to your friends, and acquaintances, and also via the Internet.

You can make a one-page site for your product with various options for rugs and run ads on it. The competition for such a product is still minimal.

15. Toilet paper for kids

There are many types of toilet paper on the market in different price categories. But I have never seen toilet paper for children. But with this idea, you can make good money. It is enough to diversify the assortment of toilet paper with children’s designs, colorful pictures, and favorite cartoon characters.

To start a business, you need a spacious room with running water and electricity. Equipment costs will amount to about 10 thousand dollars. You will also need to purchase raw materials for paper.  

In general, the costs of doing business are considerable. But from one roll in wholesal,e you can earn 3-4 dollars. When selling at retail – up to 1 dollars. Your business will pay off in about 6-8 months.

It is also worth considering that in order to start a business, you will need to obtain permission from the SES and the fire service.

You can sell the finished product through children’s goods stores, supermarkets, and other stores.

16. Dessert from Japan mochi

Mochi is a very tasty Japanese dessert. It is popular in Japan and is sold there literally on every corner.

Mochi has an unusual taste and content – the filling can be made from chocolate, fruits, ice cream, caramel and other delicious fillings. At the same time, you can easily and quickly make it yourself.

For cooking, you will need simple products – glutinous rice flour, sugar, water, and of course, fillers for fillings. You can make mochi in your kitchen and supply this dessert to cafes, coffee shops, and dessert shops.

As you can see, this business can be organized with a couple of hundreds dollar in your pocket and at the same time earn 3,000 dollars. monthly.