We advise you to choose the best irrigation system for your garden

Water is perhaps the most important element in keeping your lawn and garden healthy this summer. The choice of irrigation system for the lawn is therefore not only strategic for the gardener and his plants, but also strategic for his budget, especially to avoid excessive water consumption. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the one that works best for your garden and wallet.

What different irrigation systems are available?

Here are the three most common sprinkler systems that will guide you in your selection based on the considerations below.

  • Main system: This type of sprinkler system is perfect for covering large areas. It gives the soil enough time to absorb water. If your lawn is large, this may be the best option for you.
  • Drip system: water drips directly into the ground through this system, hence its name. You can assign them to specific flower beds or plants, etc.
  • Injection system: it is ideal for a small area that needs a lot of water in a short time. It is also better suited for flat and absorbent floors.

What should be considered when choosing the right irrigation system?


When deciding which sprinkler system to choose, remember check the capacity that the system can support. The larger the area, the more complex the system installation can be.

Soil type

You should also determine what type of soil you have and choose a suitable system for it. Different irrigation systems are suitable for certain types of soil. The drop-type irrigation kit is better suited for vegetable land, for example. Shovel irrigation works well for grooving, while scaling works well on sloping ground.

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Usage of water

Think about how much water you have. Some areas or cities have strict water consumption regulations due to drought. Some sprinkler systems require more water than others. If you are in an area with strict water limits, choosing a system that consumes more water is not a wise decision.


You also need to consider how much you are willing to pay for your new system. Depending on your budget, you can refine your choices. A classic garden hose usually costs less than € 10, but drops to double ( list Lidl). Fitt Force hoses, which are better suited for intensive gardening because they are 2-3 times lighter and more compact, are available from Jardiland or Leroy Merlin from € 50.

Question of the interview

No matter what type of system you install, whether you do it by a professional or yourself, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Each year, the system must be opened and closed to perform backflow tests.

Also consider Thoroughly clean the appliance to remove water residues which interfere with the flow. Sprinkler heads should be inspected regularly to prevent leakage or damage, so that they do not spray too much or too little water.

Keep the above information in mind when choosing your sprinkler system. Also, take the time to compare irrigation capacity, garden hose length, or operating pressure to get a device that really meets your needs.