what is it and how is it used?

Geobiology is the cultivation of the earth by listening to nature. You may have already wondered what would be the ideal place for such and such a factory. However, this doctrine is based on the study of the relationship between the environment and the objects that inhabit it. This allows you to create stunning ornamental or vegetable gardens by placing each plant in an ideal location. Here’s everything you need to know about garden geobiology.

What is geobiology?

As stated above, geobiology consists of the study of the environment and the fauna and flora present there. The location of the plants is decided according to the energies of the place. These energies come from both the earth and the sky, called tellurium energy and cosmic energy, respectively. In addition, different soils have a memory and energies affect their state, such as the energy of the moon, underground water currents, or even electromagnetic fields.

For a fertile vegetable garden or a beautiful lush garden, the researchers mainly study two intersecting networks: the Hartmann network and the Curry network. These two grids allow you to define a grid for the plot. So we plant according to the direction of the plant, the soil or the resources of the sun.

vegetation geobiology
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How to do ?

Geobiology requires a strong connection to nature. Some people are naturally able to sense energies, whether positive or negative. You can bring compost to your crops, but you no longer need fertilizer, as the energies take care of plant development. It is possible to use a compression rod. However, if this does not speak to you, you can call a geobiologist or dowser to configure your two networks. This will allow you to get to know your garden better. This will prevent you from planting at a junction (the intersection of two Hartmann lines) or an underground body of water.

Small increase:

Thanks to geobiology, you not only know where to plant the plants, but you also know the ideal place for a terrace, pergola or other garden furniture. The well-being of the gardener is also taken into account! You will feel satisfied with geobiology.