What is mortgage refinancing and how is it different from restructuring

Some borrowers who utilize on-lending will be able to answer the question confidently about how mortgage refinancing works. The basic idea is to take an additional loan to repay the existing one. The process of refinancing a mortgage is generally an emergency measure during times of economic turmoil when the real earnings of the population are declining. Refinancing mortgages is usually used to prevent loan arrears and the associated problems and even the loss of property and, according to the court, could become the belonging that the lender.

In the same way, refinancing a mortgage with lower interest rates is not a good idea to confuse the concept of restructuring a mortgage. We’ll provide more details about what mortgage restructuring means in the section on mortgage restructuring that is a part of this article.

What is mortgage refinancing?

In answer to your question on what mortgage refinancing and means, we can conclude that it’s a brand new loan with a more beneficial interest rate to the borrower to pay back the mortgage.

Bank customers can restructure their mortgage loan to make it easier to meet the conditions for the repayment of a mortgage. This is to lower the interest rate for the loan, and thus the number of regular payments. In this scenario, the client at the bank can get rid of the obligation to pay back the loan to purchase real estate and, once they have closed the loan, proceed to pay back a loan that is less costly financially.

Additionally, mortgage refinancing can be used to purchase real estate in the event an early repayment of the loan is its eventual sale. There are two methods to refinance a mortgage changing the bank that holds the mortgage and removing the property from the loan.

Let’s take a look at each one of the possibilities. In the event of transferring funds between banks, will take out a loan to pay to secure a mortgage, and then negotiate a pledge of your apartment with more favorable terms.

The goal of the loan is to decrease the interest rate or combine loans of different kinds to form one. While at the same time the rate of interest is determined and a single repayment schedule is established. If you purchase the property, an insecure loan is secured, which the mortgage can be repaid and the property is then the property of the lender. In this instance, the loan itself generally, becomes more expensive.

In addition, the borrower could also decide to sell the house with the money collected, and then pay off the loan. Refinancing for banks in 2022. Over the last few years, has seen significant fluctuations in the rates (the frequency is usually 30%, but sometimes it reaches 50). In this case, you could benefit from refinancing mortgages to get the most advantage.

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Documents for mortgage refinancing

The mortgage refinancing process can take up to 4 months, during which the mortgage will be considered unsecured and the loan rate will be several percent higher.

If the required documents are acceptable to the lender, they may be willing for refinancing the loan. It is a common practice that this decision won’t be swift – typically two and occasionally as long as five working days (this period is usually based on the speed of verification of data by specific management of the bank). If you’re approved for an interest-free loan then you’ll have between three and four months to address your issue with the original bank. 

Some businesses are unhappy when they have to close early on loans, as the early repayment, similar to arrears in payment can be a bad thing the loan’s repayment that is not in line with schedules will require adjustments to the scheduled amount of money. After obtaining approval from the company where you made an application for the mortgage, you will need to establish the order of actions you need to take with the lender you selected to refinance your loan. A renewal of your application could be necessary to obtain the loan.

If the bank refuses to grant you a loan then you must talk to a specialist from the company that offers loans to pay off the mortgage to decide on the most effective way to deal with the issue. Once the issue of the late closure of the mortgage has been completed, it will be required to gather the following documents to refinance the mortgage already for the property in question:

  • extracts from the USRN and the house book, 
  • a document stating that you have no outstanding utility bills,
  • cadastral passport.

This entire list will need to be provided to the bank where you plan to refinance your mortgage. If all the requirements of the bank are met, the funds will be transferred to the mortgage account for the old loan. After its repayment, you need to take a certificate from the bank stating that there are no financial requirements for you. It can be obtained from the organization in which you closed the mortgage within 28 days if this period does not suit you and you need to receive it faster.

Next, you need to go through the process of changing the mortgagee. Each bank may have its differences: some organizations themselves negotiate with the bank that issued the mortgage, others, for example, Raiffeisenbank, offer the client to pick up the mortgage on their own. The bank may also require you to ensure the object of collateral against possible default on the loan – in some cases, you can renew the old insurance, but in most situations, you will need to conclude a new contract.

After completing the procedure, you can begin to repay a new loan.

Pros and cons of refinancing

Like any on-lending procedure, the mortgage refinancing program has its pros and cons for the borrower.

Some of the benefits of refinancing a mortgage include:

Possibility to change the term of the loan to a more favorable one. You have the opportunity to choose a loan for a longer period and pay a smaller amount every month.

Reducing the total amount of credit. By maintaining the monthly payment, you can reduce the interest rate, and due to this, the total overpayment will decrease.

Getting an apartment on the property. If you take a consumer loan to pay off a mortgage, the property will become your property. Subsequently, you can also dispose of it at your discretion, without coordinating your actions with the bank.

Change of loan currency. It is convenient for those who have taken a mortgage in foreign currency and are forced to pay more due to the depreciation of the dollar. But keep in mind that not every bank will give its consent to change the currency.

Facilitate loan repayment terms. It is easier to pay for a consumer loan than a mortgage, because in the latter case you can use the Internet bank or payment terminals, transferring funds from the card.

Among the shortcomings of refinancing programs are the following:

  • Increase in the total amount of payments. Refinancing may result in higher interest payments. Additional payments may also be associated with the revaluation of real estate and renegotiation of the insurance contract.
  • Time-dependent. When the second half of the mortgage payment term has already come up, the mortgage refinancing procedure may be unprofitable, since you will have already paid the main part of the interest rate by this time.
  • Repeated passage of all stages of obtaining a loan. The entire procedure for obtaining a loan will need to go through again. In addition, there is no guarantee that the bank will approve refinancing, for example, if your income has decreased due to the mortgage payment.
  • The duration and complexity of the procedure. Each stage of on-lending is associated with the collection of a large package of documents.
  • In a certain situation, one or another positive factor may become attractive (and vice versa), so before using a mortgage refinancing program, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Mortgage loan restructuring

Restructuring a mortgage loan is an alteration in the conditions of a loan at the bank from which it was made. Restructuring a mortgage is only available when there are no outstanding insolvencies or outstanding debts. The process of restructuring mortgage loans may be done in a variety of ways, however many borrowers are seeking to seek assistance through the federal government. In a state-specific program beginning in 2016 on wards, mortgage restructuring could be a part of payments to the budget. The mortgage restructuring process is managed by AHML. In addition, any modification of the mortgage comes with a cost-plus – the state must pay taxes.

Alternative options to restructuring a loan include extensions, credit holidays, as well as lowering the rate of interest. Restructuring a mortgage in this way is more restricted than consumer credit. It is the responsibility of the borrower to decide if they want to utilize refinancing or mortgage restructuring.

It is important to note immediately that if a problem needs to be solved quickly, it is best to make use of mortgage restructuring as refinancing through the bank could be delayed deliberately.


So, we can say about mortgage refinancing is a complex and lengthy procedure, which, nevertheless, can bring certain financial benefits to the borrower. Refinancing differs significantly from mortgage restructuring, it has its negative and positive sides, so before proceeding with this procedure, you should weigh the pros and cons.

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