what varieties to eat and what varieties to decorate?

Autumn declares the squash season! There are many varieties with very different flavors and colors. Pumpkin can be cooked in many ways: in soup, gratin, vegetable fly cake, roasted in the oven, steamed, etc. But when we think of autumn and squash, we also think of Halloween pumpkin! Some of these pumpkins are not particularly tasty, but can be used to decorate the fall. Find out which pumpkin varieties are the tastiest and which are best for decoration.

Scented pumpkins

In France, many pumpkins are grown that have nothing to envy in neighboring countries. Therefore, it is very easy to consume locally. In addition, pumpkins are sometimes found in England, as pumpkins have been grown there for generations.

Aromatic pumpkin-like Nutmeg from Provence or Sucrine de Berry they have a special musk taste in the mouth. Their flesh is blood red due to the strong presence of beta-carotene. Pumpkin (Pumpkin moschata) can be eaten both in soups and in the oven when roasted or raw, and their flesh becomes a pleasant Chestnut flavor. Feel free to add maple syrup or hazelnuts to mix the flavors.

halloween pumpkins
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In order to get perfect pumpkins, they definitely need to be grown in the sun. Indeed, nutmeg from Provence, for example, needs a lot of heat for its fruit to develop its flavor.

For the most sensitive taste buds you will find a much sweeter pumpkin: the Hokkaido sweet pumpkin (Fine pumpkin). This is the most common pumpkin and can be easily found in stores. It is also the main ingredient in a traditional recipe autumn pumpkin soup !

Good to know : There are large pumpkins of the variety Dillin the Atlantic giant is right for you! The record currently recorded is that squash thinks a little more 500 kg !

>> Here you will find out when your pumpkin should be harvested when ripe.

Pumpkins are perfect for decoration and entertainment

To avoid wasting your Halloween pumpkin, choose inedible pumpkins such as the Presidents. Varieties Pumpkin pepo contains a good portion of ornamental pumpkins. We especially find striped, colored, speckled mini pumpkins … Family calabashes is for him toxicthey therefore find their place very well off the shelf.

But what about the famous encourage Jack to be small ? The famous Halloween pumpkin is as good at cooking as a beautiful decoration! You can dig it into a scary Halloween pumpkin and collect it for a good soup of meat. Seeds are also collected. Dry them gently in the oven with salt.

courges Jack to be small
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