Which programming language to start with

If you’re considering starting programming for fun or as a career change or to just improve your current job the first thing you’ll have to do is determine. which programming language would you like to learn?.

There is no definitive solution. The choice of the language you choose to use will be based on the type of project you’d like to tackle and the company you wish to join, and how simple you’d like to start. We hope that this guide will help you to understand the best programming language to pick first.

What is the most efficient programming language to begin with?

1. Python

Python can always be recommended for those searching for an easy and fun programming language to master. Instead of having to adhere to the strict rules of syntax, Python reads like English and is easy to comprehend for those who are new to programming. This allows you to learn the basics of programming without having to be concerned about the minor things that are usually crucial in other languages.

Python is also a great choice to develop web applications, graphic user interfaces (GUIs), and software development. In actuality, it’s been employed to develop Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify It’s evident that it’s highly sought-after by employers in addition to being quicker to develop.

Although it has some advantages, Python is often seen as a slow-moving language that requires more testing. It isn’t as suitable for developing mobile apps as other languages.

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2. C#

While C is among the languages that is the most difficult to learn but it’s still an excellent language to learn since almost every programming language can be found within C. That means once you have learned C it is easy to learn other languages, such as C++ and C#.

Since C is an “machine” language understanding it will assist you in understanding the way computers work. Software developer Joel Spolsky says that it is like understanding basic anatomy prior to becoming a doctor which makes it the most effective method of programming effectively.

So, C is an outstanding option to develop into a skilled master programmer and developer from the beginning If you’re up to the new challenge.


Java offers a plethora of functions and object-oriented programming language which is highly sought-after. It was designed upon principles of the “write onceand run everywhere” principle, meaning that it is able to be written on any device, and run across different platforms.

This makes it among the most sought-after (yes we’re talking about high compensated) languages. If you’re hoping to acquire the language that can lead to great career options, Java might be the one you’re looking for, particularly considering that companies like Ebay, Amazon and IBM are among the top employers of Java programmers.

In addition, Java is often used to develop Android and iOS application development because it is the basis for Android. Android operating system. which makes it one of the most effective choices to create mobile applications.

While Java isn’t as simple to master as Python however, Java is still a top-level programming language which makes it a good choice for beginners. It is however, difficult to begin and will take longer for novices to develop their first projects.


JavaScript is a different extremely popular language. Many of the websites you use every day depend on JavaScript which includes Twitter, Gmail, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additionally the language is vital to add interactive elements to websites since it is compatible in conjunction with HTML as well as CSS. This makes it necessary for front-end development as well as consumer-facing websites, but in the same time, it’s becoming more important in back-end development, and the demand for it continues rise. Because of its popularity, JavaScript can also be a leading player in the creation of frameworks for testing automation as the foundation of frameworks like Protractor as well as Nightwatch.JS.

JavaScript isn’t required to be installed because it’s integrated into browsers, which means it’s the simplest to begin with by modifying. However, it’s not interpreted the same way across different browsers (you’ll require additional testing across browsers) and might have design flaws when compared the server side scripting.

5. Ruby

Ruby is like Python because it’s among the most accessible languages for those who don’t have any programming experience. You don’t have to know many commands or programming terminology to understand the language, and it’s got numerous tools and libraries that could be useful.

One of the primary reasons why people are drawn to Ruby is the fully-featured Ruby on Rails framework that is rapidly becoming well-liked by startups and enterprise solutions. Airbnb, Groupon, Hulu and Soundcloud are only a handful of websites developed using Ruby on Rails, and in the present, Ruby has a very active developer community.

But the main reason for its popularity with small companies is usually one of the numerous critiques made against Ruby. Ruby may have issues with scalability in a large-scale system and may experience performance issues for large sites. Furthermore, even though Ruby is definitely easy to master, you’ll notice that there aren’t many opportunities when you learn Ruby on Rails, which can be a hindrance when you’re looking for an easy method to create a website.

What is the most effective programming language to study?

  • If you’re looking for something easy: Python
  • If you require an established foundation to help you become an expert developer: VS
  • If you’re looking for work or developing mobile apps: Java
  • If you’re interested in trying front-end development, you can do so using JavaScript
  • If you’re programming for your first site: Ruby

Though there could be a factor to consider when choosing a plan, Roger Necklace insists that programming is difficult regardless of the method you pick (even Python). It’s difficult to get started and, more importantly, it will be difficult to become a skilled expert in this field. But, he suggests that it’s the willingness to tackle the task and master a skill others might not be able to master that makes coders special.

Coal A Javascript fanatic declares: “Learning to code is very difficult and that’s the reason I love it.”

Particularly for testers, since the QA business is increasing requires tests automation expertise and knowledge of programming become an asset that is invaluable. According to the report ” Programming is the essential ingredient to succeed in testing automation: are you prepared?” TJ Maher claims that programming is the best method of making a leap in the automation of tests. Even after you think you be able to figure it out it is essential to continue working on it constantly.

“The primary thing is to continue working on your development even before you’re employed as a test automated engineer,” Maher says. Maher. “Learning is a continuous process.”

It isn’t a matter of what programming language you pick first, you shouldn’t quit there – the top programmer has many languages behind them. Once you master one then the others will be much easier to master.

If you’re still unable to choose, take a look at our article on the most popular programming languages for 2022. Here we offer the most detailed descriptions of the most well-known programming languages.